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Are today's games at the pinnacle of suckage? Or am I just getting too old to play.

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by , 02-22-2012 at 11:13 AM (1181 Views)
Disclaimer: The following is from a post I made a couple years back on our old forums. I dug it up from sheer laziness and thought it would make a nice addition to my planned future blogs. You'll have to decide for yourself if it still applies to today's games. (warning: I was full of frustration with failed releases back then, and it may be apparent as you read on... so if you're already in a decent mood, you may not want to spoil that - and read my rant later. )

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Lately the years are starting to pile up on me. Granted, I’m still fairly young compared to some of the old-dogs that still roam the yard, but I can certainly say I’ve been around and back when it comes to the far reaches of the online video game genre. Now, every day I hear whispers or see sneak peak trailers of some upcoming ‘next big thing’ and I immediately let out a deep sigh, the problem is though, I’m not entirely sure why.

Starting at the root of the problem: I no longer get excited by these new release candidates (someone should market Viagra for video games?). When I was younger, I was all about the newest beta; I was all about learning every inch of a game so that when it launched I would have a huge advantage and further my competitive edge; I was all about hyping up games and prepping the guild so that everyone was prepared with the right class make-up and strategies in place; I was all about the new titles. Today, I sit in my office wondering what has changed and why.

Starting with the obvious suggestions: too old. I’ve passed my prime, as it were, and am living in a world of ‘back in my day”s – Back in my day [we had to make our own maps, we didn’t have a fancy website that told us where to go and how to get there]; [we actually lost things when we died, and quite a bit of them]; [we had a stock GUI and had to adapt accordingly, we didn’t just download things to do work for us]…etc. Am I too old and trying to reject the evolution of the genre or are people just awful and exceptionally lazy?

The second thought that crossed my mind was that I’m too cynical or critical of current-gen common issues. When I was younger I could tolerate ridiculous flaws because everything was new and exciting, now I look at frame issues and lack of end game as an immediate /quit. Am I disillusioned about the games I played when I was younger or is everything getting progressively worse and more rushed?

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ID:	1439Third, money. After WoW made just over onefinity dollars, other companies set their greedy sites on attempting to capitalize on this market, causing a ridiculous over-saturation of the genre in all its hideous forms. On top of that, realizing that this is now a profit industry instead of an attempt to make a quality game, the capitalist adage of pleasing the masses yields the greatest profit regardless of compromised integrity or vision has come full pass. Every game, either from the get go or within the ‘Deyth trial period’ (three months) will compromise their vision so that more people will buy the game. 90% of the gaming population feel our game is too hard? I guess it must be, it couldn’t

be that they are ridiculously lazy and prescribe to ideology that everyone should win eventually. Remember old console games? You have 3 lives to beat the game, you probably won’t even get half way. "Get good chump". Where did that go? When did challenge become a bad thing? Even WoW slowly regressed from a game where <5% saw >95% of the content to a game where everyone and their mother (which does happen now) has a chance to play through the entire game. This ‘raise the floor/lower the ceiling’ mentality is hugely related to games appeasing the masses so they can make the most profit – casual players don’t require a feeling of earned accomplishment and triumph, they want instant gratification, “give me stuff, all the time, no matter how bad I do”.

So, as I conclude my rant, I again question: ‘what has happened to my desire to play MMOs, is it my fault or are they really that awful that I’ve just been completely turned off the genre forever’. I leave that open for discussion, in the mean time I’m sticking with competitive hardcore games – like Hello Kitty Online.
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    Honestly Brak if this is a post form the old forums then I think the entirety of the article still applies to today's gaming market 100%..
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