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Excitement Builds.... pun intended

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by , 08-19-2012 at 08:47 PM (416 Views)
Took apart our systems, cleaned them out. It's been a while. Took our video cards apart and re-heat sink compounded them.
The run much cooler now, even OC'd. Went to a meeting at work, found out we are getting two new contracts and 10 more employees.
That is GREAT news, as it means my job is secure for a few more years. HEE HEE

Hobbit Lad ordered a new SSD and 8GB of memory for his system. Should be here before the head start. I want to upgrade Maggi but we
need to save our $ right now to see where we stand after September 7th. She needs a new motherboard/cpu/memory really.
All in all a productive and entertaining day.
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  1. Buckeye's Avatar
    Have fun !!!!