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ST3 thoughts

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by , 08-09-2012 at 07:17 PM (1138 Views)
Visually things have gotten better, a lot more small details filled in. Graphically, it is worse.

Dieheart's system now overheats and locks on character creation, but is fine everywhere else. I was getting what looked like 'heat shimmer' over most of the wonderful terrain
that made it look like garbage. I do not say that lightly either.

I reported almost a dozen bugs, which is what I really feel these tests are for. I can do all the character 'testing' I want once it goes Live. I want a playable game. I did find that under-clocking
the video card helped a lot. I tested the older nVidia drivers I had vs. these new beta drivers, hoping it was not GW2, but alas it was.
Turning off the character lighting was what 'corrected it' in the end. So they must have one hell of a specular/shadow issue!

I got a better frame rate this stress test than I did last time, about 16 fps better, but still nowhere near my 60-70 fps I got during BW2. I am floating near 50-55 fps now.
I am not sure what they changed from BW3 onwards. I know BW2 was all CPU. Maybe they reduced the process threads?

Anyhow, I EXPECT another stress test after what I experienced and saw on the forums. We shall see.

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  1. Saleny's Avatar
    You have to wonder what exactly they are stress testing with these tests. You would think it is server infrastructure and optimization and not so much video rendering as that would be mostly code optimization, right? I do agree, though, BW2 seemed to render much more smoothly with a higher frame rate than BW3. In any case, even if they launched tomorrow, the game is far more polished than a lot of other MMOs I've played in beta or launch.
  2. Grimm Liberty's Avatar
    They are not worried about video optimization. That is literally a 'ok, drop in the video code plugin' deal in modern programming. These are strictly for server load, balancing, timing. There are a LOT of things needing to happen as quickly and smoothly as possible behind the scenes that player will, hopefully, never see. I was surprised we didn't have rubber banding in this test, but as it turned out it was in the next. hee hee