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Stress Tested again

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by , 08-11-2012 at 10:11 AM (302 Views)
Ok, this test was much better all around except the rubber-banding that I expected during the last test.
Since it didn't have any I knew this one would have some for sure. They have to test the database
at some point if they want to optimize it. That means restricting access times to find a minimal rate.

I only found one bug and most of the ones I previously reported were fixed. I have to say that ArenaNet
really has been very proactive and very responsive to issues. The speed at which they fixed all of
them should make other MMO companies feel a lot of shame.

I am so very very excited for the game to release. AND a lot of us get to play in TWO WEEKS!!!!

/amendment/ It looks like they had a DOS from the TPFC as well contributing to the rubber-banding?
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