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Viewing the 'Award Recommendation for CrimsonMatt! [Humanitarian-Hammertarian]' thread.
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    Award Recommendation for CrimsonMatt! [Humanitarian-Hammertarian]

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    *submissions not meeting the minimum required votes within 7 days may be declined and voting closed*
    members may request the award again at a later time

    Sender Information

    Userid: 7219
    User Name: Seven

    Request Information:
    Award ID: 42
    Name: Humanitarian-Hammertarian
    Description: Members with this award have stepped beyond the normal limits of kindness and compassion here within our community. Sharing their knowledge and enriching our existence with useful information these benevolent beings time and again astound us with their experiences, delivering the goods one post at a time.

    Qualifications: Thanked 20 times in at least 10 posts.

    Recipient username : CrimsonMatt

    Please explain why the listed recipient should receive the award.

    I was thanking CrimsonMatt for a helpful post and noticed that he has exceeded the minimum requirements for this award!

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    Dragon in Space

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    Congrats, CrimsonMatt!

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    You got your patch, now you can stop helping people...

    (just kidding!)
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    Can we have an unlike button for Kosh's post?

    Also just kidding
    Kosh likes this.

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    C-Matt hit the ground running ( and still is ) before his application was even approved with lots of GW2 information, especially regarding pvp/wvw.

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    Awesome work!

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    "Thanked 28 Times in 14 Posts." So awarded!

    -On Hiatus-


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