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Viewing the 'Award Recommendation for Dawnwarden! [Forum Lord]' thread.
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    Award Recommendation for Dawnwarden! [Forum Lord]

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    *submissions not meeting the minimum required votes within 7 days may be declined and voting closed*
    members may request the award again at a later time

    Sender Information

    Userid: 23
    User Name: Averna

    Request Information:
    Award ID: 11
    Name: Forum Lord
    Description: Members with with this tag have reached or have passed the 1000 post mark!

    Recipient username : Dawnwarden

    Please explain why the listed recipient should receive the award.

    Noticed he has 1002 posts. I could just award it now, but then nobody would get to comment, and that's no fun! :)

    -On Hiatus-

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    Who moved my cheese?

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    If we take out all the useful posts, the posts that pointed us in the right direction, and post that had actual meat in them... He'd only have like a dozen posts... So... JUST SAYING!

    "One part fact, one part fiction, but 100% BULL!"

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    Oh Bull, Dawn always posts useful stuff. Now on FB he posts the funny things!
    "Watch out for Braggarts. A Lion will never have to tell you it's a Lion"

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    So Ordered, despite the objections, nonsensical though they may be, of Bullarky.

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    Who moved my cheese?

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    Nonsensical? That's just total black squid ladder economics! That's what that is!

    "One part fact, one part fiction, but 100% BULL!"


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