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Viewing the 'Award Recommendation for Raventoo! [Suggestion]' thread.
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    Award Recommendation for Raventoo! [Suggestion]

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    *submissions not meeting the minimum required votes within 7 days may be declined and voting closed*
    members may request the award again at a later time

    Sender Information

    Userid: 1
    User Name: Brakkish

    Request Information:
    Award ID: 44
    Name: Suggestion
    Description: (this is not an actual award, but a means to suggest one)
    Have an idea for an award that we don't already have? Use this to submit your idea and get the ball rolling! [+12 yes votes]

    Recipient username : Raventoo

    Please explain why the listed recipient should receive the award.

    I'd like to honor Raventoo for her involvement and actions within this thread here: HFC Goes WoW

    In it's literal sense; the award would be fittingly titled "Guild Giver". Raventoo has gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping HFC, and Elissor (WoW's Team Leader) establish a new WoW Team by graciously transferring over and changing the name of her existing level 25 guild. Observing dedication and sheer thoughtfulness on this level from the community, makes me proud to call HFC home.

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    I agree wholeheartedly with you Brakkish - I vote yes!

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    I agree, ardentheartedly, it was an enormous and gracious gift.

    As for what that badge would look like other than to say 'awesome,' I got nothin', no 'shop skills here.
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    Definitely think moving a level 25 guild, gifting it to HFC and the ultimate sacrifice switching her toon from Horde to Alliance. That was beyond generous, but that's what Raven's like!
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    Absolutely yes Yes YES!!!

    I haven't been reading the WoW thread or apps much so this was the first I heard about this. What a cool thing to do.

    Can't wait to see what the award looks like.

    You rock, Raventoo!
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    Yes! I'm still speechless.

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    Instead of just Guild Giver, why don't we call it the Raven award and make Raven the inaugural recipient. This way we can use the award down the road for other acts of outstanding generosity.

    Other than that, thumbs up to Raven for being so amazingly generous!

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    I hate WoW but I'll still vote yes to this. Raven is an awesome person!

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    My two cents would be to call it the "Guild Builder" award, we can tweak the requirements for awards later on but I agree, Raven should get the first one. Suggestion for the award would be Red, white, black horizontal stripes with a Gold capital G (perphaps an ornate font like Gothic) in the middle.

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    Another yes from me. This was a truly awesome thing that raven did and as others have said it's things like this that make me proud to be a member of The Hammerfist Clan.

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