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Viewing the 'mak7589 Join! - All - HFC Games. (including future ones) 05-25-2012 [ABANDONED]' thread.
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    mak7589 Join! - All - HFC Games. (including future ones) 05-25-2012 [ABANDONED]

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    Today's Date
    • 05-25-2012
    Please tell us your gaming name.
    • Harroc
    • Male
    Which one of our gaming teams do you currently have the most interest in joining initially?
    • All - HFC Games. (including future ones)
    Do you belong to any other guilds for the game in which you are applying?
    • No
    Have you read our Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and agree to abide by them?
    • Yes
    Please tell us your age.
    • 18-30
    Do you have any relatives or friends currently active within the Hammerfist community, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    • No
    What region of the country/world do you live in?
    • United States
    Besides English, do you speak any other languages?
    • Spanish
    How did you hear about us?
    • Gaming Forum
    Is there a name you can associate with the above question?
    • LOTR forum
    We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    • I have a great sense of humor, I rarely find things offensive, and do not start problems. If someone does have a problem with anything I say, I just correct myself and apologize. Other then that, I take humor quite well and give it as well.
    What was it that made you choose us over those other guilds?
    • Honestly I just started LOTR, so quite new to the game. Wanted to find a guild, and this was the first app that came about.
    What games have you played if any:
    • WOW, GW2, SWTOR, LOTR, and EQ
    How do you rate your Ventrilo/Teamspeak use?
    • 6. Always - I've gone through 5 headsets this week alone.

    Please tell us a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.
    • I am a full time student and worker. I'm the type of gamer/gym guy I suppose. I game though around 5 hours a day, but if I'm not gaming usually on ventrillo or TS.
    Enter the extra-credit phrase:
    • God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; Courage to change the things I can; And wisdom to know the difference. - Reinhold Niebuhr
    And last but not least, do you have any questions for us?
    • If accepted, how will I be notified?

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    Mak, first thank you for the application. We are a very interactive group and I know we will have several questions for you during the process. Please just keep checking back often on your application. This will allow us to get to know you and for you to know us. This way we can ensure a good fit. It is through this process you will be notified of your acceptance. GL!

    "One part fact, one part fiction, but 100% BULL!"

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    port richey,fl
    Hello and thank you for your app. What timezone are you in and what times do you usually play.
    Wishforfish,Calcutta,Bigkatuna,Pelagos,Phinnatica, calicojack

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    Hiya Mak! Welcome to the forums. I noticed GW2 in your list of games. Have you been in the beta? I was really hoping today was going to kick off a new beta...sigh. On to the questions.

    What do you look for in a guild?
    Hot or cold?
    Pepsi or Coke?
    Which famous person do you look like?

    That's it for now.

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    Smart but not bright

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    *brushes away crumbs from Bull's cheese*
    Hiya Mak and welcome.

    We begin now because:
    What was your first gaming system?
    If a train leaves Chicago at noon carrying 20 passengers, 5 of whom smoke, in 4 cars, what is the name of the conductor's dog?
    You enter Heaven's Comedy Club and have the choice to hear a set from just one comedian, dead or alive. Who do you choose?
    Don't panic.

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    Hello and thanks for applying. We have a great bunch of members in all of the games we sponsor.

    You said you just started LOTRO so is that the game you think you'll be playing mostly for now?
    What is your most memorable/favorite experience in a MMO and why?

    WoW Team Leader
    Characters: Ganji | Aleah | Shorte | Twinker

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    Welcome to the forums Mak!

    So glad to see you're playing LotRO, I've been playing it since '08, really love the game and hope you will too

    1) What class is your main - and are you enjoying it so far?
    2) Are you an altoholic like me, do you anticipate rolling more characters?
    3) Have you, by chance, read the Lord of the Rings, and if so, do you have a favorite character? (The movies were also awesome, but the books are by far the best IMO)

    Be sure to check back to this thread often, we love to use the application process to get to know you! (You'll get some serious and seriously goofy questions, as you may have already guessed)

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    Halloa Mak,

    The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
    Apple or Android?
    What is your favorite work of art?
    What are your favorite t.v. shows?
    What's your highest level LotRO toon?

    Do I ask too many questions?
    Last edited by Schnizle; 05-27-2012 at 09:51 AM.

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    Idiotic Savant-ish

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    My questions are:

    This week or never?
    How often do you go 'online' per week?
    What aspect of the game do you look forward to the most in Guild Wars 2?
    Grimm Liberty of Hammerfist Clan
    Guild Wars 2 - LIVE - Tarnished Coast

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    Thanks for the application!

    There is a path through a heavily wooded forest. Two knights approach each other one from the north and one from the south.

    What do they say?

    Baradain - 85 Captain - WMK Scholar, Hamorin - 85 Guardian - WMK Metalsmith, Curufyn - 85 Burglar - WMK Tailor, Aeldros - 85 Hunter - WMK Woodworker, Barldoc - 85 Minstrel - RSK Cook, Beleglor - 85 Warden - WMK Jeweler

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