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    Guild Funds

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    So, now that we have 4 bank slots, what do we want our next goal to be (yes I know mats are still expensive and such to keep supplied), but do we want to try and raise funds for bank tab 5, or, with the comming expansion, and the possibility of guild hals with the housing portion, do we want to start saving up for that instead?
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    I have to say that I was quite taken by the LOTRO chapter's guild house. I'd prefer to start savings towards one for the Rift chapter.

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    Well with a 5th Bank tab.. especially with the upcoming expansion you'll never go wrong. Not sure about the guild housing to be honest more details would be nice on cost if there is any info out there.. Either way bank tab 5 is what 4K? I should take a little time to get..

    I would say just start collecting towards tab 5 and re-ask the question when we get to the amount.

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    Agree with Dawn. You may not need Tab 5, but saving towards it would be a good idea. If the expansion comes out and the money is needed for other things then it will be there.

    Besides it gives Banker B something to do. Don't want Bodeo bored.
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    I agree... I say we save for a rainy day. When houses are released, we can decide weather to spend for the house... Right now, I don't think we need another tab.

    I would also like to thank Lheiah for all the hard work he does. I know he enjoys it, but for each tab added, it causes him additional work.

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    You know me, I'm all about the bank tabs. Now that I've started playing the ah again lol I'll start donating again. Well that and now that I'm over 200p again any plat over that goes to the bank.

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    I agree with accumulating it and evaluating at the launch of the expansion. At the rate we are going we may have enough for both.

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    I agree with Darc and the others on just saving it till expansion launch

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    Next tab is 4500 plat.

    Another tab for mats would be nice for a little better organization and open up spots for mat deposits. Theres still quite a bit of stuff I keep on Bodeo or in mail that just can't fit in there. If peeps get involved with it it doesn't take long to get there, really depends on what everyone wants to do. I made a few hundred plat other day on Lheiah fishing.

    We should work toward 5500ish plat as a goal and then make a decision on to buy the next tab or not then. That way if we do buy we got a little reserve funds to do whatever with, even if it's just for money I can grab deals with when I see them.

    Thanks all for the crifting run the other night. And, especially for the eternal planar dust deposits. Really needed those, use em for everything end game and the price is crazy on AH as of last month or two at 3 to 4 plat per.


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