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    Common Game Acronyms & Terms: Not sure what an acronym means, please read this.

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    1 The number one is commonly used as a sign that you are "ready" while in a group. 1337 Leet is an alternative alphabet for the English language, using numbers and symbols to represent words. 1H One-handed; denotes a weapon held by one hand. 2H Two-handed; denotes a two handed weapon.
    Admin Administrator AFAIK As far as I know AFK Away from keyboard Aggro Aggravate, AI threat level for each player controlled character AH Auction House AI Artificial intelligence, general term for computer controlled monsters or allies, also refers to the behavior of those creatures. AKA Also known as AL Armor Level AoE Area of Effect ATM At the moment
    Ban To prohibit or deny access. BBL Be back later BBIAB Be back in a bit Beta Trial release meant to test the game and sort out bugs, etc. before the actual release. Bio Bathroom break (biological waste) b/o Buyout Bot Software program designed to do a specific task. BRB Be right back BRT Be right there BTW By the way
    CBA/B Can't be arsed/bothered CC Crowd control. Any ability that impedes movement/alters AI behavior. c/o Current offer. Core Fundamental members of a team.
    DD Direct Damage / Damage Dealer DE Dynamic Event Dev Game developer DM Death Match DND Do not disturb DoT Damage over Time DP Death penalty DPS Damage per second
    E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board
    FFS For fudge's sake FTL For the loss FTW For the win FYI For your information
    G gold GG Good game GH Guild Hall GTFO Get the fudge out GTG (G2G) Got to go GJ Good job GL Good luck GLF Group looking for GM Good morning or Game master GvG Guild versus Guild GW Guild Wars GWAMM God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals (rank 6 of the Kind of a big deal title) GZ or gratz Congratulations
    HoM Hall of Monuments HP Hit points; health HUD Heads up display
    IAS Increased attack speed IC I see IDC I don't care IDK I don't know IIRC If I remember/recall correctly IK I know IMBA Imbalanced IMHO In my honest/humble opinion IMS Increased movement speed IRC Internet Relay Chat IRL In real life
    J/K Just kidding
    k / kk Okay KoaBD Kind of a Big Deal KS Kill steal
    LA Lion's Arch L2P Learn to play LFG Looking for group LFP Looking for party LFR Looking for runner LMAO Laughing my ass off LOL Laughing out loud LVL Level
    mIRC IRC client MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Mod Moderator Mule Character designed for storage
    N1 Nice one NP No problem NPC Non-player character NTY No thank you
    OH Off-handed; denotes a weapon held in the off-hand. OMG Oh my gosh OMW On my way OBO Or best offer OIC Oh I see OOC Out-of-character (usually used in role-playing) OP Original Post/Opening Poster OR overpowered ORLY Oh really
    PBAoE Point Blank Area of Effect PC Price Check or Personal Computer or Player Character PEGI Pan European Game Information PK Player kill PM Private Message PUG Pick-up group Pull or Lure Aggroing (drawing attention) a controlled amount of mobs. PvE Player versus Environment PvP Player versus Player PvX Player versus Anything
    QFT Quoted for truth QQ Crying
    r/b Reserve bid Re return or reset rdy Ready rez Resurrect ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing RP Role-play
    s/b Starting bid sec Give me a second. Often in response to 'rdy?' Smod Super moderator SS Screenshot STFU Shut the fudge up
    TBH To be honest THX Thanks TL;DR Too long; didn't read Toon A character TS Teamspeak, a voice chat program TTYL Talk to you later TY Thank you TYT Take your time TYVM Thank you very much
    UI User interface
    Vent Ventrilo, a voice chat program
    WASD The directional movement keyboard keys -way A suffix used to denote a team build, and usually follows the primary skills or professions in that build. WB Welcome back WC Wrong chat/conversation WRU Where are you? or Who are you? WTB Want to buy WTF What the fudge WTS Want to sell WTT Want to trade WvW World versus World (versus World)
    XP or EXP Experience
    YT You there? YW You're welcome
    Zerg Refers to any game tactic that involves taking a lot of characters or playable units and overwhelming the apposing player before he or she is ready. A pop reference to the RTS game StarCraft.

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    You know this should be sticked on the main page somewhere or at the least in the GW2 forums. While many of us know all of these terms already I am sure that there are many new players who would find this a useful guide.

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    Quoted for truth? Since when? I always thought that was something much worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha Foxtrot View Post
    Quoted for truth? Since when? I always thought that was something much worse.
    When I first saw that acronym that's what I thought too, Alpha. And perhaps that's how it started! But lately I always see "quoted for truth" - so guess it just depends

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    I am curious... are Frack, Frell, Fudge, Farkle all acceptable in the ToS or are some of them considered "avoiding" the censor? I mean, the only two real works are Fudge and Farkle (now a game, previously a non-sense word like Frack and Frell (sci-fi channel made up words to be used as explatives, but not necessarilly any more of a curse word than say OIASHDOHLKASDJ or any other randomly typed in set of characters, ie. totally fictitious words)).

    ps. All your Zerg belong to I!
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