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    Thanks for the heads up on the possible early server start Cervantez!

    Looks like I'll be getting up as if its work day on the 25th

    Count me in as one of those sitting and clicking periodically (read almost non-stop) after midnight EST.

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    Is it wrong if I don't click for three hours and just sit on mumble waiting for you guys to tell me when it goes live?

    Awww, who am I kidding? I'll be clicking the crap out of it!
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    Bah! I'm gonna try to get the day off so I can feed my need to clicky click.

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    IM gonna sleep that night.
    As always I believe that there will be issues with everyone trying to start playing ASAP.
    So I will give it a good 8 hours or so to iron out any Launch Bugs then I will play the next day after getting a nice nights sleep.

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    Launch bugs are part of the fun and make for interesting memories (and stories) though.

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    12 midnight EST (or even 3 am EST) is a good time for me actually. One of the few times in my house for peace and quiet. I have a plan. I will clicky click potentially for 3 hours and get on the game ASAP. I will make a quick character and rush to get my some funds for the guild to get up and running.

    I am not worried about names getting taken as I use a first and last that is never taken. When we have our clan tag and our place in GW2 history is secured and off to a roaring start I will go back and take my time making my 3 characters. My Human Elem first followed by my Norn Ranger and my Sylvari Warrior.

    I will play till about 4 am EST time and than it is off to bed. I have my fantasy football draft Saturday afternoon. Good times. Lets hope all this goes as planned. lol.

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    I will try to get preorder game to at get game 1 day ahead of 28th of August. I will see when I get paid.

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    Im just gonna jack up on coffee and start clicking at midnight est :)

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