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Viewing the 'Known Issues for BWE 2' thread.
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    Known Issues for BWE 2

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    I was reviewing the GW2 Beta forums in preparation for this afternoon's play and thought you might find this information useful so I'm reposting here


    • Crash
      • The game client may crash when closing.

    • Events
      • Diessa Plateau: on rare occasions, the trained skelk may not appear at the start of the “Protect the trained skelk gathering kindling for Raintimber Mill” event, stalling the event.
      • Queensdale: on occasion, the centaurs encountered during the “Battle for Beetletun” event may become stuck on the sprinklers.
      • Snowden Drifts: the bridge’s collision may remain in the game world after the bridge has been destroyed.
      • Wayfarer Foothills: once minotaur morale falls below 30% during the “Drive the stampeding minotaur from Borealis Forest” event, newly spawned minotaur may retain their Determined buff, making them invulnerable, and stalling the event.

    • Hardware Compatibility
      • We are currently optimizing Guild Wars 2, making ongoing improvements to the game’s frame rate. Presently, the game is CPU-bound on most high-end systems, so lowering graphics settings or upgrading your video card may not have a large impact on performance.
        • On older or lower-end machines, it is recommended that you try disabling reflections to improve frame rate.

      • Forcing anti-aliasing through AMD Catalyst™ Control Center or AMD VISION™ Engine Control Center typically results in a black screen when playing.
      • Windows TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) will sometimes restart a user’s graphics drivers if they become unresponsive, resulting in a notification that the graphics driver has been restarted.
      • Currently, adjusting the core clock speed of the GPU or CPU typically results in lower performance.
        • It is advised that you leave core clock speeds at factory defaults.

      • AMD CrossFire™ and NVIDIA® SLI™ are not currently supported.
        • These features should be disabled while running the game.

      • Enabling NVIDIA 3D VISION® may cause a crash on some systems.
        • If you experience a crash while this setting is enabled, it is recommended that you disable it in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

      • AMD Eyefinity Technology is not officially supported at this time, and players using systems with Eyefinity enabled may encounter problems.
        • If you experience issues while using Eyefinity, it is recommended that you disable the feature in the AMD Catalyst Control Center or AMD VISION Engine Control Center.

    • NPCs
      • Occasionally, multiple NPCs may overlap with each other while walking.
      • Interacting with walking NPCs may cause them to stop, disappear, and then reappear at another point in their path.

    • Personal Story
      • Party members must be on the same map in order to enter a story instance together.
      • On rare occasions, a player’s personal story may not progress correctly. Restarting these instances and trying again should allow you to continue.
      • While progressing through your personal story, some of the recorded audio lines may be missing or may not match the text that is displayed. This is due to changes made after the lines were originally recorded, and will be corrected in future versions of the game.
      • Additionally, during your personal story, some of the NPCs will not have accurate (or any) lip-sync animations. This is an additional effect of lines having been changed after they were originally recorded.

    • Parties
      • Parties attempting to travel simultaneously to a map that is near capacity may be split between the main map and the overflow map.
        • To prevent this from happening, parties should try sending one player ahead to the map first, with the remaining party members following a few seconds later.
        • If a party is split when traveling, players can right-click on the portrait of a separated party member and choose “Join in…” to reunite with them. Party members will be unable to travel to the main map if it is full, so players in the main map will need to travel to the overflow map to reunite the party.

      • Some players may experience issues with the kick feature.

    • Renown Regions
      • In some cases, the voiced audio of a scout’s description of nearby renown regions is not played.
      • Queensdale: on rare occasions, the shell game in the "Support the citizens of Beetletun " renown region may not function correctly.

    • Skill Challenges
      • Queensdale: Carnie Jeb’s skill challenge may not reset immediately, causing it to be unavailable to other players for several minutes.
      • Queensdale: Scout Watchman Rebec points to the wrong area on the world map when describing and guiding players to a skill challenge.

    • User Interface
      • Some users may see the Black Lion Trading Company UI panel opened when logging in after having the panel opened when logged in previously.


    • Audio
      • About 1% of the French and German audio is missing and will play in English.
      • Some audio is outdated and will not match the subtitles.
      • Anytime female player characters address themselves or are addressed by an NPC with nouns like “friend,” “shaman,” “hero,” etc., the voiced audio will not reflect the gender correctly. The subtitles should, however, reflect the correct gender.

    • Commerce Panel
      • The Gem Store and Trading Post tabs are only partially localized and will be displayed in English.
      • Some text is cut off.

    • Events
      • The text for some events has not been localized and will display in English.

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    I figured I pop this in here instead of starting a new thread, since it relates to issues experienced during BWE2.

    I started out very well, but over the past couple of hours I've had problems with stuck loading screens, frequent dc's, lag, and constant freezing now. So it's pretty unplayable for me at the moment (sad panda ) I had wanted to be in the Mists and WvW for the most part this weekend, but that seems to be out of the question right now.

    Reading the beta forums I see this may be widespread, so I will just wait until the devs have time to address the problems at hand.
    Patch time! (I hope)
    For those of you who are able to play without problems, good job and play well for the team!!

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    I had the DC issue myself. Lost a few minutes of progress each time too.

    Two things I did, that seemed to clear it up. First, I had changed my DNS settings to get the game to patch. I restored them to default.

    Second, after the 8th or 10th time I crashed, I completely Shut down the client, waited a few minutes, and then reloaded. I haven't had the issue since.

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    Update: Well I finally got my mesmer out of the Mists and headed to the Norn area. Decided to avoid both Queensdale and Mists for the time being. Seems to be working fine so far. I'm downloading the beta client on my new computer (my ISP is a snail so it might be Sunday!) but looking forward to better playing conditions, woot!

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    I had a few random DC's last night. After I restarted my PC, that issue seems to have gone away.

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    I was getting the exact same loading screen freeze issue when i tried to do anything pvp/ wvw. Late on friday night, they did an emergency patch and it was among many things fxed. Loaded like a charm after that patch.

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    IF you have some memory management software, like cacheman, you can set the gw2.exe to release memory after 1024mb, and that will help GREATLY with freezing. They seem to have a huge memory leak. (I reported it to them.)
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    It's funny I have memory issues in TSW but in GW2 the game runs like a scalded dog. I have had no issues what so ever. Is anyone using DX11 for GW2? If so try switching back to DX9. I know that was one work around for TSW. Of course I couldn't try that due to not having a G-card that is compatible with DX11 lol.


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