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    I started out wanting to play Guardian...I couldn't quite get a handle on it. Next Beta Weekend, i'm going to give'm another try...i'll master him yet!

    Thief! I loved the thief! Very action packed mobile type of play style...problem is...after the break between the first beta and the stress test...i lost all my skill with moving, strafing, dodging, and punching buttons at the same time. It's a class that takes a lot of skill in my opinion but very very fun.

    Mesmer...a class i didn't think i would a freak'n blast! Yes...this is going to be my main. I didn't quite expect that.

    I'll stick ranger in there someplace and i think that's going to be it till i max a few of them out.

    My hardest decision at this point, is what crafting skills for who? Ziboo told me that there are no level requirements for skill'n up crafting. This makes me think each toon should probably specialize and i won't have to worry about leveling them to keep up the crafting skills...hhmm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raventoo View Post
    Sith also really enjoyed playing his Mesmer. He usually plays Rogues and warriors. He said the Mesmer starts slow but once you level up some weapons he is definitely a class to be reckoned with.
    I tried mesmer this time but didn't get very far since I wanted to go into WvW and pulled my elementalist out for that since I knew how to play her better. I didn't like mesmer as much as the elementalist and ranger. But based on what Sith has said I wonder if I just didn't give it enough time. Wonder if Sith .. or someone who has played mesmer can tell me what weapons they feel are her best and I will try them out. Thanks :)

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    For the Mesmer, i liked having as many clones out all the time. your max was 3 at a time but they die quick...better them than you.

    Clones will last as long as a mob you had targeted or hit with the spell is alive. even if you have other mobs around they'll disappear. If i have multiple mobs i normally alt+tab to ensure i will have atleast one clone around once one mob dies. I also switch wpns between the scepter+pistol combo and the staff so i have plenty of opportunities to summon clones. They don't take much damage nor do they do alot of damage, but when you have 3's like haveing 3 mobile DoT's that can also take agro away from you. ...a win win situation in my opinion. Not a real heavy damage dealer but fairly versitile.

    Scepters: creates a clone every third hit in an uninterrupted series. you can also block an attack and get a clone from the block.
    Pistol: ...held in the off hand...can create a pistoleer clone that does some ok damage.

    Staff: creates a caster like clone and another clone if you teleport out away from a mob.

    After maxing all the wpns, this was my most favorite combo to use.

    Mirror Image: a utility skill costing 6 points will create 2 clones for 30 seconds every 45? seconds...could have been every 60...i forget.

    I think of the class as a Crowd Control class that uses a chaotic pet attack to mitigate damage from you and party members...and through various attacks can cause stun, confuse, and blind. As you level and aquire skill points, you can get additional utility skills and talents that will increase your clones abilities, the debuffs you do or your personal damage. There's even more utility spells and talents that when combined could make the class a fairly decent off healer. It will be very ineresting to see what kind of builds folks can come up with once the class is maxed.
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    I have yet to find a class I do not like, big surprise, so my main will be all of the above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toxyn View Post
    I have yet to find a class I do not like, big surprise, so my main will be all of the above.
    I faced a similar dilemma and overcame it only by coming to the decision that I will make not only one of every profession, but every possible combination of race, sex, profession and even hair and eye color until I have leveled them all to 80! Only then will I be sufficiently satisfied with my GW2 toons.

    Problem solved. Now I'll just need more character slots.

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    I'm torn as well. I've only been able to play in the stress test, but really liked the ranger and mesmer so far. I hope to try warrior, necro, and guardian in the next open beta, so who knows! I'm an altaholic too, so I'm sure I'll get distracted in the leveling process... It's easier to note the profs at the bottom of my list: thief, elementalist and engineer.

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    I like steampunk, so I will have at least one Human Engineer. I did like Mesmer, and may try an Asuran for that...


    I liked EVERY class so far... it is kinda scary... lol

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    KyJenn, that's the same weapon setup I used most on my mesmer too. My only thing was that I needed to pay more attention to how many were out and time my shattering so they didn't just go to waste by replacing each other.

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    I am going to switch it up and play a ranger or elementalist. I think i will enjoy WvW better with a ranged class.

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    I am making it a goal to focus on just one or two classes each BWE. I got a mesmer started during the stress test and fell in love with making nutz amounts of clones. I posted an "Attack of the Clones" build that will have 3-6 clones out at any one time, and give damage reduction, damage boost, and increased speed PER CLONE out. I think my army of one (multiplied) is going to be just too fun!

    So of the three class I have played thus far I am ranking them as Mesmer > Engineer > Warrior

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