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    Lore, Quests, and other stuff

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    Overall, I've got pretty good impressions from the beta so far. One thing I was doing last night was trying to run around London finding all the "Templar" lore pieces. I've got them all but #4 (anyone know where it's hidden at? ;) )

    Anyway, as part of googling and trying to see more info about these pieces, I ran across this video (made by one of the devs) that's been on You Tube. Pretty neat stuff, nice view of future exploration areas too. One interesting point noted in the video is the part about the old school green text interface on the in-game computer screens actually compiles as an HTML image under the mission log menus. Has anyone played around with that more? I noticed the computer in the sheriff's office had some basic text info, but would be neat for later puzzle solving to understand more of how this integrates.

    The Secret World - Lore and Achievements Walkthrough - YouTube

    Also, when you see items with words, symbols, etc. (such as the manhole cover by the church), is there a way to keep the reference handy? I've been trying the Alt-F11 screenshot tool for now, but again would be nice to have a system to compile hints. Anyone else played around with that aspect?

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    I know certain clues are kept in your journal. Such as the last part of that manhole quest is a plaque and the inscription is kept in your journal for future reference, also there's a button to view picture but it didn't work when i tried it. This I guess is only for certain missions/items.


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