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    Question about Gems and effects

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    Ok so I am playing my Monk, level 45 now.

    I picked up a Ywllow 1H Spear that does 142.5 DPS and a bunch of other good effects.
    It came with a Square Ruby installed that says +14-28 Damage

    Does that add to the DPS rating or is it just something like.. I hit the mob and did 100 damage, this gem adds +14-28 more damage.

    I am debating pulling that Gem off and installing a Flawless Emerald which will do Crit Hit Damage increased %25. My Crit hit chance is only at 5% atm with damage at 50%

    Any ideas ?

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    rubies add to the dps of a weapon. Seeing as how you only have a 5% chance of scoring a critical hit you will be better off just adding to your damage. Being a monk you may want to stack Dex to also increase your damage out put. seeing as how monks rely on speed that spear may be a bit slow. Now if you had a fast weapon you could throw a green gem on it and rely on your speed to catch that 5% more times then not.

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    The Spear is not bad.

    142.5 DPS
    85-129 Damage
    1.33 Attack Per Second

    +68 str
    +89 dex
    Increase Attack Speed +11%

    My total Dex is 1120
    Damage 1,782.26

    I am hunting for better armor atm and what ever else might pop up. I am in Desolate Sands NM mode and nothing even comes close to stopping me. Blues/Yellows don't even slow me down. So doing ok for now.


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