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Viewing the 'Is there enough interest for a fantasy football/bball league?' thread.
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    A Fantasy Football team works this way: We have a draft or an auction where we claim real life players for our imaginary team. Most leagues have a rule that no two teams can claim the same person - so only one team can have Peyton Manning, one team can have Drew Brees, etc. And then when Peyton scores, your imaginary team scores. Each week you play another coach's fantasy team, and the team who scores the most points wins.

    The complexity comes by drafting more players than you can actually start, so you have to make roster decisions each week. Do I start Peyton at QB, or maybe some lesser QB like Matt Shaub (Houston Texans) because Denver is playing Baltimore (a team known for its good defense) and Houston is playing the Colts (a team known for its pourous defense).

    Some leagues also draft defensive players that can add or subtract points based on defensive stats like takeaways, interceptions, unassisted tackles, etc.

    As an example, the league I've run for 20 years now has a roster of 16, of which you start 8 players: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR/TE, 1 PK, and 1 Defense/Special Team. Scoring is one for one (meaning a touchdown is worth 6 points) plus bonus yards of +1 point for every 40 yards (longer scoring plays will net you more points). We also award stat points for every 25 yrds rushing / receiving and 75 yrds passing. Finally, we award a point for fumble takeaway and interceptions and sacks.

    We draft an entire team every year (some leagues are "keeper" leagues, meaning you can designate 1-2 players on your roster you get to keep from the previous year). Our draft is an "auction", meaning that we meet up in the preseason with $100 monopoly bucks and bid on the players we want. If a person REALLY wants Peyton, they can spend all their salary cap on him. Another way to conduct your draft is by traditional draft - meaning that each team is assigned a draft order, and when it is your turn you get to pick whomever you want.

    BTW, I'm not suggesting any format for our league here -- although I will note that we have atleast 6-7 people interested in being in the HFC league. That's enough to run one!

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    I honestly don't keep up enough with football to participate, but it does sound fun.

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    I would be up for it. :)
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    I'm in!

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    I'm in as well...

    In fact, I sort of took the liberty to kick start it for us.

    Hammerfist Clan Fantasy Football league is a go!!

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