So my 9 year old has started playing this MMO called Fusion Fall. You can check it out here.

It's an MMO designed for kids and this one is run by Cartoon Network but I checked it out to see what he would be playing and it's actually pretty cool even though it is pretty simple.

If you have younger kids I think it's a cool game. It has an option to create a parent account and connect the kid's account to it giving you control of options for their account.

It is played in a browser and has limited free to play or you can get a subscription for additional access. The free to play includes a few of the areas and the chat is just preselected phrases and the paid version has full access to the whole world and the option for free-form chat, but that can be disable through the parental options.

So if you have kids that want a good introduction into MMO gaming or just want to mess around with something a bit different and more simplified check this out.