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    Guild Hunting 101 - A how-to guide

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    Are books really better than movies? Is chicken tastier than beef? Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? Not everyone would agree. Why is that?... you may ask. It's simple; different tastes, wants, needs, and preferences. Not unlike myself, many prefer more pie with their community than say, others offering up cake. (both are delicious!) So how do you choose?!

    Guilds and communities are not unlike the items mentioned before in that we're not all seeking the same things when looking for a new home. There are hundreds if not thousands of gaming related guilds and communities out there to choose from. So when looking for a new home or guild, how does one know what to look for? Assuming you've already narrowed the field to guilds that are similar to your tastes and requirements; keep reading for tips on how to separate fact from fodder.

    How do you know if a guild is right for you?


    • One of the easiest ways to get started is do a simple google search for the guild's name. This can tell you a great deal of information and only takes a few seconds. Browse around through the various pages and review the results. You'll be able to get a feel for how well established a guild or community really is. Chances are if your results are thin and few, you're probably at higher risk for problems. Guilds and communities that have been around for a number of years usually have their growing pains worked out and their direction more focused, leaving more time for relaxation and enjoyment among friends and family.

    Stalk your prey

    • Observe the guild or community in action. Registering is usually free, and takes only a minute or two. Browse around, read posts and topics from other members.
    • Separate fact from fiction. Do your research; has that guild really been around as long as they say they have? An easy tool to help you find out is a quick whois. Here's an example: - Domain Names - Plot IP (you can enter any guilds domain/address when there). Note* websites or guilds that display results of "No information available" do not have a large enough web 'footprint' and thus are not included in results.
    • Is the community active? Use the same tool above to check it's ranking among billions of websites, and how many visitors it receives.

    judge a guild by its cover. Then, read it front to back.

    • There are many feature-slim guild sites and communities featuring only forums. These sites while serving a purpose, have little latitude when it comes to growth and expansion and can be easily erected overnight for only a few dollars per month. Keep in mind, "easily erected, easily disassembled."
    • A full blown feature rich, modernized guild and community website incurs a much higher cost of operation ranging from the hundreds, to thousands of dollars per month. Typically these websites are built by the community from need, progression, expansion and evolution. A feature rich, attractive community website is symbolic in and of itself and a testament to all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and gold the community has contributed.
    • In short; A neat and orderly website is not only attractive and something to be proud of when calling it your new home, it's also a visual indication of the communities' dedication, pride, and willingness to help build something they truly believe in.

    Understand gaming is competitive by nature.

    • Your guild should be competitive. Vilifying and defaming remarks towards other guilds is beyond the 'competitive' scope however and should be considered undesirable.
    • Steer clear of communities or guilds that slander other communities and guilds. These types of communities foster immaturity, divisiveness and numerous undesirable pitfalls. At the end of the day we're all human, race nor gender matter, equally gamers at heart.
    • Base your opinions off your observations, not what you've heard. Let 'you' be the judge.
    • Talk with members of the community, not their rivals. You'll never see a Ford in a Chevy commercial. Reasons; obvious.

    If you've found us by accident, or happened to be passing by we hope you'll consider us as your new gaming community and home. If not, we hope these tips at least serve to help you find your way, and find that perfect pie or cake filled community you'll soon call home.

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