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    HFC Government and Title - Defined.

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    Greetings 'Fists and Guests!

    The Hammerfist Gaming Community is a community for the people, by the people. There are currently no paid positions; all members and staff are here on their own accord, and freely volunteer their time and services for the betterment of our fine mature gaming community.

    The following is a list and breakdown of current titles, positions, and definitions used and often found throughout our community:

    The collection of Hammerfist voices comprised of registered users, and members. Each member has a voice and is heard within the community as an equal, no single voice is any less significant than the next. Thoughts, ideas and concerns are heard and discussed as a community. Growing as a community, meeting it's needs and evolving into a stronger tighter community is always mission one. Community is the foundation on which we build.

    Community Manager: It is the responsibility of the 'CM' or Community Manager to interpret feedback from the community under advisement from the Council Members. The CM is responsible for implementing approved ideas, or community desired course changes. The Community Manager also upholds HFC's core values and it's policies with the aid of the Council.

    Council Member: Denoted by a graphical 'badge' below their names appearing in forum posts; these members comprise a panel of members known as the Council. The Council includes the office of Community Manager and serves as an extension of that office's duties. Council Members are the daily 'eyes and ears' of the community and are responsible for a number of tasks including but not limited to: Forum moderation, issuing approved award requests, forum spam/spammers, upholding our Code of Conduct, dispute mediation, site integrity (emergency ip/account banning (hackers/spammers)) and various other tasks. It is for this reason Council Members have full access to all areas of the forums with the exception of individual team officer sections. Members of the Council voluntarily donate their time and resources while helping to maintain our cause and help facilitate the betterment of our community.

    • Council Members are invited to the position by the Community Manager under advisement from the council.
    • Council Members are invited on an "as needed" basis; Such as community growth, member hiatus or similar.
    • The Council observes the following qualities (but not limited to) in prospective Council Members:
      • A general helpful member of the community, interested in preserving it's values.
      • Reasonable, mature, composed responses when engaging in heated discussions or debates throughout the various means of communication within the community.
      • The ability to communicate thoughts into words, on a human level. (thiz s3ntence iz an ex4mple of teh oppozite.)
      • An excellent understanding of the forum, its functions, sections and categories.
      • Has demonstrated the desire to problem solve when the opportunity presents itself; not problem creating, or also known as "trolling" in a forum setting.
      • Possesses the "Elder" award.
      • Represents the HFC community well and in good fashion not only within its own borders, but wherever the good name of Hammerfist is carried.

    A group which includes the Community Manager. The group is responsible for digesting feedback from the community, interpreting that feedback and acting upon it. The Council preserves the core values, foundation, goals and ideals and ultimately the collective direction of the community.

    Moderator: Some forum sections and other areas of the site list those labeled as "moderators". Moderators have special forum tools to help facilitate tidiness within the forum community here. This gives them the ability to move, close, sticky, delete and merge topics as needed within their assigned sections. Moderators are not to be confused with Council Members.

    Officer: Team Officers are responsible for a number of duties. These duties vary greatly from team to team. In a general sense, Team Officers assist the Team Lead in maintaining a cohesive and enjoyable environment for team members.

    Sponsored Game: A game or MMO that HFC has an active presence in. Sponsored games have the full support and use of resources here within the gaming community. For more information on sponsored games, or how to suggest a game for sponsorship see this thread: Games of Interest vs Sponsored Games

    Team Leader: The Hammerfist Clan or simply 'Hammerfist Clan' is our official gaming team guild tag used within our sponsored games. Each sponsored game is comprised of a Team Leader(s), officers and its members. Team Leaders are responsible for their respective team's growth and well being, this includes making sure the team and its members operate within any guild policies or guidelines set forth by the community. (Our CoC for example) Officers aid the Team Leader in maintaining the team.

    • Team Leaders are appointed under the advisement of the Council.
    • In the event an appointee declines the position an open call for the position will be announced within the community. Interested community members will then have an opportunity to publicly state why they would like the position of Team Lead and explain why they feel they have the required skills to be a successful Team Leader. The Council will then review the candidates available and select from those candidates, individuals whom the Council determines possesses the needed skill set and qualifications. In the event the Council selects more the one candidate, a public vote/poll will be held. After seven days the poll will be closed and the candidate with the most votes is awarded the position of Team Leader.
    • In such cases where there are no candidates for Team Leader, the proposed game will remain in an unsponsored status.

    VIP Member: A registered user and member of the Hammerfist Gaming Community who has contributed $5 or more. While traditionally "VIP" translates to "Very Important Person" we would like the reader to take note that becoming a "VIP Member" does not mean that member will be treated any differently, or given any special considerations above that of our standard, non "VIP Members". For more information on the VIP Member and available packages please see this thread: VIP Packages - Forum Account Upgrades
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    The link under the Sponsored Games section of the OP sends one back to the main forums page. Should it send one to the Games of Interest vs Sponsored Games thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lheiah View Post
    The link under the Sponsored Games section of the OP sends one back to the main forums page. Should it send one to the Games of Interest vs Sponsored Games thread?
    Updated the link, thanks for pointing this out!


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