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Viewing the 'VIP Packages - Forum Account Upgrades' thread.
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    VIP Packages - Forum Account Upgrades

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    Donation Rewards

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    Greetings fellow Hammerfistians!

    Many of you have inquired about obtaining the various account upgrades here at HFC. The following is a list of packages available.

    All VIP packages consist of the following

    • Upgrade for larger uploaded avatars. (including animated)
    • Upgrade for larger uploaded signatures. (including animated)
    • The ability to set a custom forum title appearing beneath your name within posts.
    • Your name will appear within our Supporters/VIP list
    • Your name will appear red instead of the standard user name color white.
    • You will receive the share holder medal: appearing in the awards gallery and under your avatar within posts.
    • You will aslo receive the
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      icon below your user name within posts.
    • And last but not least - removal of all ads within the forum.

    Cosmetic enhancements can be obtained beyond that of the basic VIP Upgrade (see in the image above)

    A. Non VIP - standard upon forum registration.
    B. Basic VIP - $5 or more.
    C. Copper VIP - $20 or more.
    D. Silver VIP - $50 or more.
    E. Gold VIP - $75 or more.
    F. Platinum VIP - $100 or more.

    Diamond Tier

    D0 Diamond VIP - $150.
    D1 $200
    Each additional level in the tier +$100. (D2-D5)

    Secret Cow Level

    Z1 $$??

    While contributions are appreciated each month for our continuing costs, you receive the upgrade permanently for just one contribution!

    Contributions can be made here: Go VIP (securely handled through paypal.) You do not need a PP account. PP accepts most major credit cards.
    You can access our roster of VIP members here: Supporters List (must be logged in to view)

    Thank you for your support!

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q) I've contributed $5 on more than a few occasions. Do I qualify for an upgrade?
    A) Yes. Contributions made are cumulative. For example if you've donated $5 four times during your time with us here at HFC you would qualify for the Copper VIP Upgrade.

    Q) Can I upgrade from one package to another?
    A) Yes. Upgrading from one package to the next, you need only to supply the monetary difference.

    Q) I've made out of pocket contributions to the community. Does this count towards any upgrades?
    A) Yes. For example; if you paid for services like having tshirts made up for advertisement purposes that cost would apply towards an upgrade. Simply contact me with the details.

    Q) I'd like to sponsor a friends upgrade. Is that possible?
    A) Yes. PM me with the username (forum name) and I'll add the specified package to their account. You can remain anonymous if you choose (like a "secret santa") - specify if so.

    Q) Are VIP members considered more valuable than general members?

    A) No. Every member of HFC is valued greatly. While contributions help us to offset our operating costs we understand that some of the greatest contributions from members are not necessarily monetary in nature.

    Name:  VIP.png
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    Thanks for the update

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    So whats this Diamond VIP about?

    (edit by Brakk 7/17/13:) It's been a couple years but there actually IS a Diamond tier now.
    For those who didn't know the Diamond tier was originally somewhat of a joke, and the payment was 100 pies of assorted flavors! Mmmmm
    Last edited by Brakkish; 07-17-2013 at 05:03 PM. Reason: updated thread

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    Interested in learning a little bit more about the FAQ section.

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    Yea what's the Diamond VIP?

    I want more stars, must break piggy bank! ; )
    "Watch out for Braggarts. A Lion will never have to tell you it's a Lion"

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    To what address should I ship the pies? Or should I just take pictures of them and eat them all myself?

    In all seriousness... Thanks Brakk for all you do!

    "It is only through interaction, through decision and choice, through confrontation, physical or mental, that the Force can grow within you."
    ―Kreia to Jedi Exile

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    I like this. A little recognition for those that contribute is a good thing. Hopefully I'll be able to add more stars in the near future.

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    I thought I read somewhere that VIP members would be able to have access to different back grounds? Is this true or was I just imagining it?

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    I really like that the cumulative total counts towards the VIP packages.

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    As the others have said. Thanks for everything Brakk. We all love this little corner of the Internets that you have made for us to call home.

    SWTOR Characters: Empire: Codred, Cødë, Codeous,
    Codal, Codeo, Cod'or / Republic: Codette, Codeth, Codifur, Codë

    LOTRO Characters: Alanras, Codeo

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