We have a new video with Community Manager Rick “Sapience” Heaton and Senior Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell discussing Warbands. This time around they have a very large monitor set behind the pair to take care of the comments from last video that we could only see the speakers or the game footage but not very effectively seeing both.
Not a whole lot of gameplay seen this video but they’re were mostly discussing this new type of structured mob group and it’s components. There were looks at what they could look like out on the plains cut in during the discussion.
Discussed in this video:

  • What are Warbands?
  • How will open tapping will operate? (i.e. Helping folks not in your group and still get rewards. See Assist Experience Penalty article for information on how this penalty currently works.)
  • How do the new AI types function in a warband?

For more information you can check out Massively and Ten Ton Hammer’s hands on articles where they talk about these features.
I think that the explained it well. I’m actually excited (and maybe nervous to try it) to see this in action in Rohan.
The open tapping is something I am in favor of. I never really did like that I wasn’t allowed to help heal folks for fear of being snarked at for jumping in to save them and hurting their experience. Whatever, dude. I saved you! /grump. The open tapping will allow me to save the world without fear! Be on the lookout in Rohan for Goldenstar the minstrel with the mission to keep everyone alive. Whee!

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