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    New to LOTRO and the Hammerfist community...

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    Just wanted to say hi!

    I'm on the Brandywine server and would love some new friends. My main toon is Eofwolf. Please add me and/or leave your toons names here. I will be jumping on vent at some time to meet some of you fellas and do some gaming of course. My gaming times are normally after 9pm EST. Hope to see ya'll around.

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    Welcome to the community. I look forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to tap us in game and if you feel the fit is good fill out an app here on the boards for the community as a whole.

    SWTOR Characters: Empire: Codred, Cødë, Codeous,
    Codal, Codeo, Cod'or / Republic: Codette, Codeth, Codifur, Codë

    LOTRO Characters: Alanras, Codeo

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    Glad you found us Dumbfinger. As Alanras said, submit an app if you would like to join the HFC. My main is Klem.

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    I am usually on after 9EST as well. You can usually find me on Baradain, Barldoc, and Curufyn most of the time. As others have posted, go ahead and fillout an application to the forums as well.



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