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    Moria Meta Deed: Info inside

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    I really want this black goat and so, I'm going to do this meta deed. For anyone interested in doing it with me, here are the details:

    The Savior of Khazad-Dum meta deed

    Watcher of Moria
    • Lost to the Deeps - Find the missing
      • Dwarf-merchant
      • Dwarf-miner
      • Dwarf-adventurer
      • Dwarf-warrior

    • The Vile Maw - Drive back the Watcher at
      • The Black Pool
      • The Flooded Treasury
      • Defeat the Watcher in the Water
    • The Arms of the Watcher - Kill tentacles of the Watcher in the Vile Maw (40)

      The Grand Stair Deeds
    • Beasts of the Grand Stair - Defeat Wargs in the Grand Stair (120)
    • Brutes of the Grand Stair - Defeat Trolls in the Grand Stair (60)
    • Landings of the Grand Stair - Find
      • The Cave of the Slumbering Beast (71.76 N, 139.02 W)
      • Highpeak Kennels (71.1 N,137.7 W)
      • Gothghaash’s Stand (71.9 N, 138.5 W)
      • Nardur’s Station (71.7 N, 137.7 W)
      • Throne of Igash (72.5 N, 138.1 W)
    • Villains of the Grand Stair - Defeat
      • Ilzkal the Pummeler, Glothrok the Vile, Forznuk, and Gothghaash the Firecaller
      • Dorozg the Beast Tamer, The Beast, Nardur the Shield, and Igash the Fanatic
    • Followers of Igash - Defeat orcs in the Grand Stair (120)
    • Tamers of the Vile Wargs - Defeat goblins in the Grand Stairs (120)
    • Letters to Igash - Find the texts
      • Drums and the Beast
      • Highpeak Kennel Report
      • Pleas of the Loyal
      • Tome of Igash

      Mastery Over Fear
      (Dark Delvings and Skumfil)

    • Purifier of Skumfil
      • The Fallen Heroes - Find the
        • Filth-covered Blade
        • Ichor-covered Helm
        • Pitted Longsword
        • Eroded Dwarf-shielf
      • The Corpse Eaters - Defeat
        • Bonetooth
        • Old Gnawer
        • Rockjaw
        • Shalebiter
        • Grimreaver
      • Leaders of the Hive - Defeat
        • Uammaethor
        • Ulugon
        • Nestaduan
        • Grog
        • Grothulun
        • Brumbereth
      • The Hounds of Skumfil - Defeat cave-claws and deep-claws in Skumfil (180)
      • The Horrors with Many Legs - Defeat gredbyg in Skumfil (200)
      • The Corpse-beasts of Skumfil - Defeat Kergrim in Skumfil (80)
      • The Blighted Ones - Defeat spiders in Skumfil (120)

    • Triumph Within the Forsaken Deeps
      • Runes of the Dark Delvings - Find a
        • Sparkling Rune-stone
        • Chiseled Rune-stone
        • Ancient Rune-stone
        • Dim Rune-stone
      • Leaders of the Nameless - Defeat
        • The Void-eater
        • The Doom-speaker
        • Gurvand
      • Glow-worm Slayer - Defeat glow-worms in the Dark Delvings (120)
      • Nameless Slayer - Defeat Nameless in Dark Delvings (120)

      Persevering Against the Blight
      (16th Hall)

    • Corruption in Command - Defeat
      • Tramug
      • Dhurz
      • The Lost One
    • Investigating the Blight - Find a sample of
      • Virulent Spores
      • Noxious Spores
      • Infectious Spores
      • Pestilent Spores
    • Orcs of the Sixteenth Hall - Defeat orcs in the 16th Hall (120)
    • Fallen to Blight - Defeat globsnaga in 16th Hall (120)
    • Carriers of the Blight - Defeat insects in 16th Hall (120)

      Marshal of the Burning Depths
      (Fil Gashan and Forges of Khazad-dum)

    • Bane of Industry
      • Overseers of the Forge - Defeat
        • Narku
        • Dhaub
        • Thrug
        • Krankluk
      • Implements of the Forge - Find
        • Khazad-steel Chain
        • Khazad-iron Hammer
        • Charred Wheel-barrow
        • Ill-treated Pick-axe
      • Orcs of the Forge - Defeat orcs in the Forges (80)
      • Slaves to the Forge - Defeat goblins in the Forges (80)
      • Blinded by Fire - Defeat trolls in the Forges (40)

    • Bane of Fil Gashan
      • Heart of the Enemy - Defeat
        • Vrarz the Cook
        • Commander Greb
        • General Talug
      • Strength of the Enemy - Defeat orc-fighters in Fil Gashan (160)
      • Eyes of the Enemy - Defeat orc-skirmishers in Fil Gashan (160)
      • Arms of the Enemy - Find an
        • Orkish Breastplate
        • Orkish Pauldron
        • Orkish Mace
        • Orkish Axe

    The hardest part of this list will be the Watcher. My goal is to get a weekly VM run going. I know, it will be hard, but with our group and the Allies of Istari, it's not impossible (especially since the moria set is still one of the nicest 6pc sets out there).

    I'll be starting easy with the GS deeds. So for those that want to do this run, just find Swijaroni in game.

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    That is some laundry list of items.
    Im game when Im around.
    I'll have to look through my toons to see which one is most complete.


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    A lot of them are done with full clears on the first try. The slayer deeds are the more tedious ones.


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    I will have to see what Baradain is missing from this list.
    I completed the VM a few times so I am pretty sure I have the VM stuff completed on him, but would be willing to help when the time comes. I am guessing he is missing a slayer deed somewhere.

    I am always up for any instance when I log in.

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    I'll check Aeditha as well, she's my only toon that has defeated the watcher (or even attempted the watcher for that matter). I'm sure she must be close to being done on the slayer deeds as she used to run all the moria instances quite a bit.
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    I'm willing to help when available. My only toon to attempt the Watcher (and fail) is my main Xar.


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    One trip (and a few wipes) into DD and here's what my Warden got done (first time in there btw).

    Swijaroni 2011/05/04 Completed 'Glow-worm Slayer'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/04 Completed 'Runes of the Dark Delvings'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/04 Completed 'Leaders of the Nameless'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/04 Completed 'Nameless-slayer'

    The glow worm deed can be done with 1 more trip in and then 1 or 2 more for the Nameless. Not awful IMO. We lost the challenge due to us giving up after a few wipes and activating the rune stone to just "get it done" to which Gurvand just smashed... and then we killed him. Not sure if that's what did it or if we were finally firing on all cylinders after wiping 4 or 5 times. :)

    The challenge offers things like this:


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    I'm up for helping when I'm on as well. Codeo still need the Warden quest in DD and some more Moria tokens for the chest piece of that armour and I bet Alanras is pretty close to a lot of those deeds as well as being done with a bunch already so I can take either depending on the group need.

    SWTOR Characters: Empire: Codred, Cødë, Codeous,
    Codal, Codeo, Cod'or / Republic: Codette, Codeth, Codifur, Codë

    The Secret World Character: Codeo

    LOTRO Characters: Alanras, Codeo

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    Getting closer!

    Swijaroni 2011/05/10 Completed 'The Blighted Ones'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/10 Completed 'The Hounds of Skumfil'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/10 Completed 'Leaders of the Hive'
    Swijaroni 2011/05/10 Completed 'The Corpse-eaters'

    I need 1 more trip through DD and 2 to 3 more in Skum to be completely done with those areas. I also need Trolls and Wargs in GS if anyone wants to do some full clears. :)


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    We did a full clear run of GS on Sunday Night. Easy enough. I even healed on Baradain.
    I still lack the Trolls and Wargs here as well.

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