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    *** team application ***

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    Our community is open to everyone. You do not need to apply if you simply wish to hang around, shoot the breeze and use the website/forums. We have many here who simply have an interest in our community forums and not necessarily our gaming teams.

    If you are wanting to join one of our gaming teams you've found the correct place. To participate within our gaming teams, we do require an approved, one-time application on file if you wish to participate on an official HFC team within our supported games. The application is good indefinitely and covers you for all of our sponsored games, present and future provided you remain a member in good standing.
    To submit an application for one of our gaming teams please fill out the form which can be found

    ***********[click] APPLICATION FORM [click]*************
    [note: you must be logged in to view/submit the form]

    Tips to increase your approval chances - Here
    Quitting a team, or dismissed from a team? - Here

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    Gaming Teams - Basics for a successful application.

    • Keep in mind your application will be everyone's first impression of you. Try to give it some flair and style. We're not looking for a major work of art from you or intimate details; but signs of life in your answers never hurt anyone.
    • Fill out all the questions. Try to be complete and neat with your answers. The more information you can offer the better your chances of making a connection with some of our current members. Yes and No answers are very minimalistic and when given the opportunity should be avoided in any application process.
    • Actively watch your post and application. It's highly probable, our members will have some questions of their own for you. This is an active community; chances are you'll have at least a few questions/responses from members within a couple of hours if not sooner.
    • Read some of the example applications. You can get a decent idea of what we're looking for from applicants just by browsing some of the approved applications on file.
    • Take this guide seriously. We actually want you to succeed. Really, we do. There's nothing worse than the thought of denying an applicant because they were too lazy. Which brings us to the next tip:
    • Understand the golden rule of our Team Application process; we'll put as much time into considering your application as you put effort into it. Nothing leaves us with a bitter taste more than reading through an application that looks rushed. We only require a one time application if you intend to participate within one of our gaming teams, a little effort shown on your part will go a long way.

    Gaming Teams - Advanced guide, dare to read more.

    • You've earned extra credit. If you're still reading this guide enter the phrase listed + your favorite number into the application form's extra credit slot. The phrase is: " I love HFC " (example: I love HFC 7) This isn't make or break, but it lets us know you went the extra step to make a good impression by reading this guide.
    • Don't be offended if we decline your application. We're declining a virtual document, for a virtual world. We in no way are trying to say you fail at life. You're being declined for a team. You are not being denied to our community.
    • If you really hate rejection more than a slap to the back of your head then feel free to hang around and stalk the community a bit. We welcome everyone to the general community. Participate in some of our discussions; let your opinions be known. Give us a chance to warm up to you. Many team applicants have had no trouble being accepted without first stalking us, but if you feel you need to go that extra mile, please do. It may be worth extra credit.

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions or (FAQ).

    What happens if my team application is declined?
    A)Nothing. Life goes on as usual, and your application is sent to the Team Declined bin.

    Q) Can I apply again?

    A) Yes, at a later time. Be active in the community; Chances are your activity on the forums will show others you're serious about wanting to join a team. In the process it will give those who declined your application a chance to better know you.

    Q) I was declined a second time.
    Now what? Does this mean I'm a muppet head?
    A) If you were declined a second time the world does not end. Understand we're looking for people who will 'gel' with our in-game teams. Certain personalities get along with some better than others. It's been determined your personality has a high probability of conflicting with those currently on the gaming team.

    Q) Can I apply a third time?

    A) You can apply as many times as you like. Although it's still no guarantee you'll be approved for our gaming teams. It's best to put your best effort forth the first time.

    Q) Do you guys ever make errors in your judgment?
    A) It's quite possible. All we have to go by initially is your application. If you serve us up salad and crackers on your application, be prepared for our current team members to ask for the meat and potatoes. If your application comes across shallow and thin, expect us to view you the same.

    Q) I read some of the other applications. A few members seemed a little rough on the applicant. What's the deal?
    A) We don't encourage our members to 'haze' new applicants. However please understand current members are very proud to call HFC home and do what they can to ensure compatibility within their gaming team. Rest assured, anything that may be viewed as 'hazing' is only an attempt to extract the applicant's true personality. Sometimes an application is 'borderline' approve or decline; Feedback from our members in a Q & A style only helps the undecided, decide.

    Q) I've been approved.
    Do I need to re-apply for each gaming team I want to join?
    A) Congratulations; No. One application covers all of our gaming teams, despite whatever you selected for your 'preferred' game on the application.

    Q) Now that I've been approved what do I need to do next?

    A) Your application will be sent to the Team Approved bin. Truly exceptional applications may be at times stickied and rotated in the application section as 'Example' applications.

    Q) How do I get my invite in-game so you can add me to the roster?

    A) There are a number of ways. Some of these are:

    • Contact the Team Leader on the forum. (Team leaders are noted above each category in the forum section listing for your particular game.
    • Contact a Team Officer. For an officer list you can visit the Forum Leader area.
    • If you just can't wait to get into the action, log in the game and spam global chat asking for anyone HFC. ..or not. Try first doing a /who Hammerfist (most MMO's support this) Have the person notify an officer or someone with roster rights send you an invite. (Be prepared to confirm your application status.) HFC does not send out random invites. Most officers will want to verify your approval status. We want to make sure you are 'th3 133754uc3 dud3' ('the leetsauce dude' translated for you normal people with good taste and grammar who truly despise such talk) you've been telling us about.
    • You can also try logging into the game and then our Mumble Server and asking someone to help you get added.

    We hope you've found this guide to be helpful. If you still have some questions of your own, or perhaps you have something you feel should be added to this guide; please feel free to let us know in our Information Center area.

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    I've quit a team or have been dismissed from a team. What now?

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    Q) I was approved for a team, however I no longer play the game. Am I still welcome here within the HFC community?
    A) Yes, you are still welcome. Simply because the game you applied for does not hold your interest any longer, you are not required to leave the community. You're welcome to try one of our other teams provided you are still a member in good standing (no need to apply again) or simply hang around and shoot the bull with everyone until something comes along that catches your fancy.

    Q) I was having some difficulty getting along with a few of my teammates. I felt it best to leave the team. Am I still welcome here?

    A) Yes, if you voluntarily left the team on good standing, you are welcome to stay with the community. If the problem you were having persists outside of the game, please contact a super moderator (also denoted with the "council member" avatars) and let them know what the problem is.

    Q) I was removed from the team. Am I still welcome here?
    A) Under most circumstances yes, you are still welcome within the community. So long as the removal from the team did not have something to do with your actions here within the community, outside the game.
    There are some exceptions based on the severity of your actions within the game or team. Team Leaders may recommend your actions have deemed you inappropriate for the community as a whole. At that point, a deeper review of the situation will be conducted and all parties involved will be notified of a decision.
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