What would you do if?
Deep thoughts from a shallow mind
1. The President of the United States called you:
I'd tell him to avoid talking about politics. Everyone hates people who do that. ;-)
2. You won the lottery:
Invest it and keep working. Heard too many horror stories about lottery winners going broke.
3. You caught a friend stealing from you:
Let him keep it as the price for getting an untrustworthy lout out of my life.
4. You witnessed a murder:
Try to document the event, get license plates, etc. I'm a good citizen, but not a dumb one.
5. A random stranger offered you candy:
Case by case scenario. I'm probably not as suspicious as I should be.
6. MySpace and Facebook closed:
7. A genie granted you one wish:
Ixnay on the wishing for more wishes? I'd wish to want the least, and therefore be the richest.
8. You lost your favorite possession:
Download another one.
9. You found 10 dollars on the ground:
Look for an obvious dropper. If none were available, I'd stuff it in my pocket and move on. It's only $10.
10. Your date throws up on you:
Throw up on her. It's only fair.
11. Someone cut off a chunk of your hair:
Buzz-cut. I'd like to see them try.
12. Your favorite celebrity comes to visit you:
Meet them on the porch. The living room is a mess.
13. Your favorite 2 games of all time:
Guild Wars
The Witcher
14. You were stranded on an island with nothing but the ability to make one phone call:
Call the wife, and tell her where to send my gaming rig.