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Viewing the 'Darius Join! - Star Trek Online [APPROVED] - Example' thread.
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    Tower: I didn't know the answer, but after a quick scan of my favorite boot maker, the answer is yes, they make them that big. And yes they'll fit the bindings, if adjusted properly.

    Oakfire: I played WoW on and off for about 1.5 years, both sides. Never made it past level 40 though. I got bored soloing, rerolled lots.

    Nethor: At the moment I'm playing (for me) a lot, a few hours most evenings (EST), more on the weekends. Once summer hits, with a newborn in the house, you can bet my playtime will be less. As for Vent, I'm not a talker, but I'll log in whenever I'm playing and at the very least listen in. I do have a mic, but my wife and daughter are usually in the next room so I'm a bit self-conscious of talking while they are watching tv.

    Oh, I can be found in game as Darius or K'nduk @Caleb_Stone.

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    kewl, another great white northeren'er :P

    was goin to ask where u r in ontario, but u answered my question somewhere back there ..
    i frequently visit Ottawa, as my 2 sisters live there and on occasionally i shuttle friends from North Bay to Ottawa.

    Yah, i tend to feel the same way as you do bout mic, but i got over it lol, thou rather type then talk but sometimes its more easy just to talk

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    Nice app!..

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    Thumbs up from me.

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    BuPersHamFis Has accepted this application. Download your com log (private messages) for you orders and Report for Duty

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