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Viewing the 'The Fiery Fox's application - [Accepted] 10/01/10' thread.
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    The Fiery Fox's application - [Accepted] 10/01/10

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    Today's Date
    September 22, 2010

    Please tell us your gaming name.
    It varies depending on the game but calling me Fiery or the first name of the character I'm on is good. Character names I tend to use are either Raikelion or Albrecht.


    Which one of our gaming teams do you currently have the most interest in joining?
    The Final Fantasy XIV Branch

    Have you read our Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and agree to abide by them?

    Please tell us your age.

    Do you have any relatives or friends currently active within the Hammerfist community, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    Unfortunately not.

    What region of the country/world do you live in?
    I live in the States, and in the Central Part of Florida in Orlando.

    Besides English, do you speak any other languages?
    I speak a bit of Spanish but not perfectly fluent in it.

    How did you hear about us?
    I remember hearing about this group on the Crystal Core Podcast.

    Is there a name you can associate with the above question?
    I'm afraid I can't remember it at the time as I'm quite bad with remembering names I hear casually. Would need to listen through again to catch the name.

    We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    I have a rather good sense of humor, hardly one to get offended by anything and tend to roll with the punches and take shots at myself when comically appropriate for a good laugh by all.

    What was it that made you choose us over those other guilds?
    This guild seems to have a more mature focus which is a big plus for me. I like being in a game with people that if something doesn't go quite right it's all right, and there is no mass fallout or emigration because of a dispute over whom should have won the helm that dropped. I also like that it appears to be made of a group of people that will be regular in their play time so it won't end up being just 5 players on at a time with everyone else only being on for 10 minutes a week at most.

    What games have you played if any:
    Far too many to number, been playing video games since before I can remember solid memories. If this is more for MMO type games then World of Warcraft, City of Heroes/Villains, Final Fantasy XI, Warhammer Online are some of the more recent MMO's that I've been a part of in the past few years in addition to the plethora of RTS/RPG/FPS games I've played on the PC and consoles.

    How do you rate your Ventrilo/Teamspeak use?
    Fairly well, I am well aware how to sue most of the features and functions on Vent and never have a problem getting on. The main thing that keeps me off at times is being on it for so long that the headset starts to hurt my ears quite a bit and ahve to take a break from wearing them properly.

    Please tell us a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.
    Well my work is my education at the moment. I'm halfway through my masters in counselor education at UCF here in Orlando. Hobbies are mainly playing games really, don't do too much else, but always enjoy hanging out with friends when they are free. For me just being able to hang out with them and do whatever are quite a nice luxury for me. There are a lot of books or novels I'm partial to, but for one of my favorites I'd definitely say Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Probably my favorite book that I've ever read, but always enjoy a good bit of Shakespeare. I used to draw quite a bit but my previous living situation put the kibosh on that and have been trying to slowly relearn my abilities but has been difficult to get back into the swing of it all again.

    Enter the extra-credit phrase:
    I wish I had some semblance of what this is, but sadly I do not.

    And last but not least, do you have any questions for us?
    My main questions would be what sorts of classes you would be in highest need of in FFXIV so that I can be of maximum benefit to the greater good of the guild's functionality and if there is anything I should read up or something in preparation when the SE releases next week and the game gets into full swing.

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    1. In your own opinion, what is the best way to counteract a 1000 needles attack?

    2. Cake, or pie?

    3. Why did you leave CoH/CoV? If you are still playing, what has kept you around?

    4. How much would someone have to pay you to eat a bowl full of dirt?

    5. What would you say is your strongest asset? What do you bring to the team, as it were?

    6. PvE, or PvP? Why?

    7. If you had to chose an animal to describe yourself, what would it be, and why?

    8. How do you feel an the loot system should work in a raid or group situation, if you were the leader?

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    CoH 'eh?

    1) Did you RP in CoH? If so, who was your favorite character?

    2) Tell us your favorite story from your CoH days.

    3) Do you have any non-electronic gaming stories to share?

    4) Have you read any Heinlein?

    5) As an officer with executive powers, you receive an angry message from an unguilded healer about one of your guild's DPS misbehaving. How do you respond?
    Facta, non verba.
    You are the choices you make.
    |AIM: HeffronCM | Skype: HeffronCM | Gamertag: HeffronCM | CoH Global: @HeffronCM|

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    Bump. Where'd you go, Fiery Fox? :D

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    Based on the rest of the posts that aren't showing up right now, welcome aboard! Sorry for the technical difficulties!


    -On Hiatus-

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    Welcome to the clan! :D

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    Alright, Averna gave me some names of people to contact but don't want to surprise them by them having no idea who I am or anything, so I'll be on as Albrecht Rothschild, not sure who the invite thing in this game works or if it's the same as XI where you have to trade someone a linkpearl as I started in Ul'dah

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