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Viewing the 'FriskyKat Join! - Secret World 06-25-2012 {APPROVED}' thread.
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    Aaaahh, Pudge, you're quite right, that was a terrible spoiler on my part. It isn't 42 at all!! It's....uummm.....17! Yes, 17, that's it, nothing to see here, move along.

    I can't answer the "dead celebrity" thing because I disapprove wholeheartedly with any human re-animation whatsoever. Someday, when the zombie apocolypse comes, I'll be sitting in the corner, nodding sagely, muttering "not me, I had nothing to do with that, I don't care if it is Cary Grant he's still freaking dead."

    And my favorite word is "toast" - just say it out loud a couple of times - "toooaaassst". It just rolls around in your mouth in such a lovely way.

    Thanks for the vote and the cool swallow link!

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    You raise an excellent point. I'll have to amend that question for the future. And I do love toast.

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    John Carter vs Flash Gordon
    Herbert West vs Victor Frankenstein
    James Rockford vs Horatio Caine

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerbeard View Post
    John Carter vs Flash Gordon
    Okay, this is a cinematic cage fight and it's no contest, because as soon as they start the air is filled with "dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun FLASH wooho" and the invincible power of a Queen theme song insta-wins for Flash.

    Herbert West vs Victor Frankenstein; I don't have much of a dog in this fight, but Mary Shelley was an amazing genius proto-feminist, so I'll give the win to Victor

    James Rockford vs Horatio Caine; oh yeah, this is a good old-fashioned drinking contest in a pub, and no one knocks them back like world-weary Jim Rockford: besides, he has 40 pounds on scrawny Horatio, so it's Caine under the table.

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    Great answers!
    What kind of music are you listening to at the moment?
    What is your favorite color?
    The Queen of all things boring and useless.

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    I love your answers...Yes vote here!!

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    FriskyKat (06-26-2012)

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    Music! Loooove music, am almost always listening or singing aloud. Usually alt rock, stuff like Linkin Park, Muse, Foo Fighters - radio's best 'cause I can be surprised by what comes on and get new stuff. Classical, oldies, almost any kind of music is great, but rap and dubstep leave me pretty cold. Lyrics are the poetry of our day - that one song will come on that perfectly captures your feelings at the moment.

    My fave color is violet, that color just between blue and purple.
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    Hola, Kat! (My daughter has that nick also, so you're already a favorite of mine lol)
    Also had a "kat" named Frisky at one time, so doubles!

    Violet - oh yes, one of my favorite colors, along with the aqua blue that has a glimmer of green in it :)

    Okay, on to questions:

    Hmmm ...

    You've already gotten some good ones - how about these

    Favorite pie?
    Favorite cake?
    Favorite place to visit/vacation?

    LOL if you're diabetic or don't like desserts just disregard the first two

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    Awesome stuff, yes vote here.

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    FriskyKat (06-26-2012)

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    Mmmmmm, favorite pie & cake, this already has my mouth watering just thinking about it. I'll say berry crumble ala mode for pie and German chocolate for cake, but the sad, sad truth is that I'm a total slut for sugar and nearly anything sweet works for me. Cookies, ice cream, my not-so-secret stash of dark chocolate; I nip off to the kitchen for a nibble pretty much every day. Life's too short to skip a little indulging, amirite?

    I spent some of my wild youth traveling and fell in love with London (with the added influence of some classic Brit lit) so that's my fave vacation. I hadn't been there for years, but visited a cople of years ago and adored it just as much as ever.

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