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Viewing the 'hydore Join! - World of Warcraft 08-04-2012 [Approved]' thread.
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    hydore Join! - World of Warcraft 08-04-2012 [Approved]

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    Today's Date
    • 08-04-2012

    Please tell us your gaming name.
    • Hydroe

    • Male

    Which one of our gaming teams do you currently have the most interest in joining initially?
    • World of Warcraft

    Do you belong to any other guilds for the game in which you are applying?
    • No, last guild was alliance of one which is no longer an active guild.

    Have you read our Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and agree to abide by them?
    • Yes

    Please tell us your age.
    • 18-30

    Do you have any relatives or friends currently active within the Hammerfist community, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    • Negative

    What region of the country/world do you live in?
    • Pennsylvania

    Besides English, do you speak any other languages?
    • None

    How did you hear about us?
    • A Member of HFC

    Is there a name you can associate with the above question?
    • Aleah

    We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    • Can always take a joke

    What was it that made you choose us over those other guilds?
    • Unlike most guilds on the server by your trade message you value the members of your community above the gear grab that most guilds are on Baelgun.

    What games have you played if any:
    • WoW, starcraft I,II

    How do you rate your Mumble/Ventrilo/Teamspeak use?
    • 4. Often - Headset, log-on, hello everyone.

    Please tell us a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.
    • Love my sports football,hockey,baseball, top favorites will also watch anything like the ninja warrior contests to shows like MXC. Stand up comedians are also something i enjoy. I do have two dogs one lab named Leo and a husky named Dakota.Started playing wow in vanilla carried on through bc with the same guild of guys quit before wrath came out the guild also broke up at this time. Then for cata i found this guild on Baelgun we all started at lvl 1 and built the guild together, but once the loot started rolling out people became petty and a lot of infighting brought the guild down and i have been floating guild less ever since i do have several characters that i use Pulvy my rogue Elmore my warrior and my newest edition Hydroe my Death knight. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Enter the extra-credit phrase:
    • I love HFC-13

    A majority of our info, updates and policies are relayed through this forum. How likely are you to stay up to date and current after the application process?
    • I enjoy the social aspect of the forum, expect to see me fairly regularly.

    And last but not least, do you have any questions for us?
    • What does your guild plan to do pve only, pve some fun pvp? Just curious im not a serious pvper just enjoy having people to bg with also.

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    Welcome hydore! You seem to be off to a good start already. I'm sure some of the others may have additional questions; good luck!

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    Hiya Hydore and welcome to the forums. I believe this guild plans on doing a little of everything but I will let the GM go into that in more details.

    I see you have been playing WoW since vanilla. What changes have been good and which ones bad? Do you think WoW will go free to play? Are you interested in their new game "Titan" I believe it is called but can't find too much on it atm.

    Last question: Do you have any embarrassing gaming moments you care to share with us?


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    I honestly doubt wow will ever truly go free to play just to much money for blizz to give up.Mostly glad of most of the changes made by
    blizzard in bc having to gear someone a tier back seemed to slow a lot of the progression down i know a lot of the guilds never got past 10 man content. It also lead to a lot of poaching of players from guilds so as far as the easiness of letting people catch up to the content and actually seeing it i believe it was a good change. Titan haven't heard anything on it can't make a judgement on if id want to play until more information is released but knowing blizzard I'm sure it will be a decent game.

    If there is a cliff or a way to fall off a platform i always find it not intentionally and sheer drops of any kind will always get me. Since most of my characters are generally the short guys i always find a way to get stuck under something.

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    Welcome to the forums Hydore

    Platforms...for me it has to be death by undercity elevator when I was on horde. That and flying into a world boss...just as a general rule...don't do that

    Okies some questions for you:
    1. For a trivia wow question...they came out with a Tshirt a while back that read "I survived ______ _______." with a horde symbol on it. Name the phrase.
    2. I see you dabble in pvp like me...I'm not hard core at all with that. What has been your funniest moment in pvp? Mine was playing a holy palladin in arathi basin standing next to a rogue. The rogue gets zerged by three people. I stood right beside him and healed him while he killed them all...since they left me alone to heal. They then whispered me (on alli toons)to find out how the rogue cheated....
    3. You come upon a max level player laughing at a low level. It seems the low level is the players first toon and he had paid the max level for an enchantment and given the max lvl player the mats. The high lvl guy whispered the lowbie back saying 'ha thanks for the free mats' and told him he wasnt getting the enchantment. How do you handle what you see?
    4. Ok ...serious time...favorite cheeseburger and from where (has to be a resturaunt...bonus points for a visual link so I can drool over the yummy goodness).

    Have a great nite

    <BR>I keep wondering why that frisbee keeps getting closer and closer...and then it hits me :)

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    Ah, platforms...sounds like a friend of mine. Back in Tier 11 when my guild was progressing on Nefarian, one of our tanks went to the wrong platform for phase 2. Ever since then, he's had the worst luck with platforms, mainly falling off them.My raid group never let him forget it.

    Anyway, questions from me:

    If you could make a council fight of any existing raid bosses, who would you choose (maximum of 4)?

    How do you handle lower-level (58-68) death knights death-gripping mobs you're trying to tank when they're clearly dps? (This gets on my nerves, but I usually ignore it and let the poor soul tank them and possibly die.)

    If you've done them, what are your thoughts on the Deathwing fights? As you expected, kind of a letdown, etc?
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    Hello Hydore, good to see your app. We plan on doing PvE, PvP and anything else people want to do. Anyone in the guild can schedule an event so if there is something someone wants to do all they have to do is schedule it. We have battlegrounds scheduled for this coming Saturday. We also plan on doing unconventional activities like parades through Stormwind, hide and seek, etc. This will allow the lower level players to participate which is something we at HFC strive to do. We don't focus on the max level players. Here everyone is considered equal.

    I would like you to read and tell me what you think of it.

    WoW Team Leader
    Characters: Ganji | Aleah | Shorte | Twinker

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    @valliant, Ah shudder to think of the old barrens chat drove many of my old friends to alliance.My best moments in pvp was my buddy blike who also still is on the server usually has a bad connection and often disconnects leaving me to 2v1 people it gets pretty intense and have pulled of some nice wins mostly on my rogue.3) Sadly there are people like that out there, if i happen to witness it and i have the ability to replace said materials and direct him to people i know on the server who are trustworthy on doing enchants.My favorite burger is from Burgatory nice place but im always trying something different so many options at this place Custom Creations | Burgatory you basically get a check list when you are seated and choose what you want.

    My council fight would be leotheras the blind,baron geddon,c'thun,vaelastrasz the corrupt.

    Even at 85 it seems death knights just death grip everything, it doesn't bother me much i do to let them tank it if they pull it.

    On most my characters i have only done the death wing fights on raid finder so it wasn't very challenging at all.

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    I agree with the code of conduct, i never talk in trade or general on baelgun it just seems most of them are constantly trying to troll or belittle people.

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    click to view burger descriptions were makin my mouth water....

    Hehe yeah Barren's chat was never without its Chuck Norris comments and angst, thats for sure. Its a yes from me

    <BR>I keep wondering why that frisbee keeps getting closer and closer...and then it hits me :)

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