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Viewing the 'Maggi Join! - Guild Wars 2 06-20-2012 [Approved]' thread.
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    Maggi Join! - Guild Wars 2 06-20-2012 [Approved]

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    Today's Date
    • 06-20-2012
    Please tell us your gaming name.
    • Belyna or a race appropriate name
    • Female
    Which one of our gaming teams do you currently have the most interest in joining initially?
    • Guild Wars 2
    Do you belong to any other guilds for the game in which you are applying?
    • no
    Have you read our Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and agree to abide by them?
    • Yes
    Please tell us your age.
    • 41-50
    Do you have any relatives or friends currently active within the Hammerfist community, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    • yes, Grimm Liberty
    What region of the country/world do you live in?
    • Ohio
    Besides English, do you speak any other languages?
    • None
    How did you hear about us?
    • A Member of HFC
    Is there a name you can associate with the above question?
    • Grimm Liberty
    We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    • good, but quiet
    What was it that made you choose us over those other guilds?
    • What other guilds? :P Grimm's recommendation trumps all.
    What games have you played if any:
    • Ultima Online, Anarchy Online, Asheron's Call, Earth and Beyond, SWG, EQ2, World of Warcraft since 1st beta, LotRO, Toontown. Those are al lI can remember.
    How do you rate your Mumble/Ventrilo/Teamspeak use?
    • 1. Never - What is this Vent/Mumble/TS you speak of?

    Please tell us a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.
    • Grimm has mentioned me, in somewhat exaggerated terms; I am quiet, as he said. I am full time crew at a chicken fast food restaurant. I sew clothing for my family to use in Dagorhir; currently working in a gambeson for my oldest son to wear under his hand woven maille.
    Enter the extra-credit phrase:
    • I love HFC. no favorite number. :P
    And last but not least, do you have any questions for us?
    • Not at this moment. I expect I will, when and if I know you better.

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    Wait, wait a minute.. this is Grimm's better half?! Wahoo! He has been a great member, so very glad to see you apply. Good Morning and Welcome-

    Nice starting app for the process. Expect a fair amount of back and forth questioning as we try to get to know you, and please ask any questions you might have to do the same. You answered the extra credit, which is always fun to see.

    Do you have a favorite class/archetype when you play MMOs?

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    MAGGI!!!!! Welcome to the forums!! So glad you have applied

    I love all the games you have played - - 2 that I still play are LotRO and EQ2. Do you ever venture into either one of those anymore?

    What professions and races have you played so far in GW2?

    Do you know what your main will be yet, come launch?

    Oh my gosh, Dagorhir sounds very awesome, I know just a little bit about it - do you have any great story(ies) to tell us? Do you participate also?

    And lastly, how much does Grimm Liberty really misbehave?

    (Maggi, I feel like I already know you, I vote yes, but the app process is really quite fun, I think you'll find)

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    Boondock Saint

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    Well heck, if you are the better half of Grimm, then you automatically get me vote.

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    Altha, Thank you.
    I usually end up with a dps/paladin type.

    Seven, Thank you. I no longer play either one. Since the last beta weekend of GW2, I haven't had any interest in them. I tried all the races we can, at the moment. I tried a guardian, warrior, necromancer, and elementalist. I ended up playing the warrior for the longest amount of time. I haven't decided which to play, come launch. I don't play Dagorhir, myself, just Grimm, and the kids do. And as for Grimm, that would be telling.

    Cervantez, thank you. You are taking a lot on faith; Grimm did mention when I corpse camped him, right?

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    Oh! This is Awesome! I noticed you mentioned you played Earth and Beyond, I loved that game before EA bought out and liquidated Westwood; and you played my first MMO love, Asheron's Call; I've played or tried out pretty much all the ones on your list actually, lol, except for Toontown, and there's been a whole bunch more as well.

    I can't really think of any good questions for you at this time; like everyone else here, I'm just happy to see you applying to join our most awesome team. I can't vote no to this! I hope you enjoy your time with this bunch of goofballs!

    ~I am the winding Wyrm that rends its way through your heart~

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    Welcome to HFC Maggi! It's always great to have another husband and wife team around. I've been playing MMO's with my husband (Falconwing/Libation) since before we even started dating. I actually met him in Everquest (although he was also a co-worker of a good friend of mine, so not a total internet find).

    I know my husband and I tend to have very different playstyles. He likes to tank or blow stuff up, and I'm more of a support / healer type of player. I'm all about the details - I love reading lore and quests and exploring, and he just wants to kill things, LOL. It ends up making for a pretty good team, but sometimes it drives me a little crazy that he isn't paying the kind of attention that I do.

    What would be one of the challenges you've encountered playing with Grimm in MMO's?

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    Oh Noes!, everyone hide your soft spots! hee hee

    I have two questions for you....
    1) Did you ever feel any remorse for your actions in game?
    2) Really? None?

    Grimm Liberty of Hammerfist Clan
    Guild Wars 2 - LIVE - Tarnished Coast

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    Thank you, Blood Dragon.

    Thank you, Saleny. Just one? He'd rather let his gnome hop around, playing with rabbits, than join the raid.

    No remorse, Grimm, and I'd do it again. :P

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    Welcome Maggi!
    Sounds like there are fun story times on mumble ahead

    Going to go with my tried and true questions:
    1. What is your favorite online memory? Other than corpse camping Grimm....
    2. Stooges or Marx?
    3. What kind of content do you enjoy the most? PVP/PVE/Raiding?

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