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Viewing the 'Ziplock Join! - Guild Wars 2 05-15-2012 [APPROVED]' thread.
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    Ziplock Join! - Guild Wars 2 05-15-2012 [APPROVED]

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    Today's Date
    • 05-15-2012
    Please tell us your gaming name.
    • Zip
    • Male
    Which one of our gaming teams do you currently have the most interest in joining initially?
    • Guild Wars 2
    Do you belong to any other guilds for the game in which you are applying?
    • no
    Have you read our Code of Conduct, Forum Rules and agree to abide by them?
    • Yes
    Please tell us your age.
    • Older Than Dirt.
    Do you have any relatives or friends currently active within the Hammerfist community, or were you recruited by someone? If so, who?
    • no
    What region of the country/world do you live in?
    • US
    Besides English, do you speak any other languages?
    • None
    How did you hear about us?
    • Gaming Forum
    Is there a name you can associate with the above question?We like to have fun, how's your sense of humor? Not so good? Good? You're a standup comedian you say?
    • Good :)
    What was it that made you choose us over those other guilds?
    • I play game to relax and for fun ... you seem to have the right mix.
    What games have you played if any:
    • Guild Wars, SWTOR, Wow, Eve Online, LOTRO, Star Wars Online
    How do you rate your Ventrilo/Teamspeak use?
    • 2. Rarely - My headset is only for looks.

    Please tell us a little about yourself, aside from gaming. Perhaps some hobbies, about your work, favorite story etc.
    • I like a mix of mental stimulation, outdoor activity, and exercise in my life. I have a keen interest in computers so MMOs are my choice for the mental stimulation. I love bike riding, travel, and working out too.
    Enter the extra-credit phrase:
    • With great power comes great responsibility :)
    And last but not least, do you have any questions for us?
    • No

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    Thanks for coming by and app'ing Ziplock!! We like to ask a few questions to get to know you better and please feel free to ask us any.

    1. What is your favorite race in GW2?
    2. Did you get a chance to play in any BWEs?
    3. Batman or Tony Stark, who is the richest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziplock View Post
    Please tell us your age.
    • Older Than Dirt.

    A few of us remember when dirt was invented. These kids think the world is made of dirt, but we know the truth!

    Thank you for putting in an application... I'll reserve my task for later on down the line. Just wanted to roll out the welcome mat! GL and please feel free to check around the boards... Just don' drink my beer.

    "One part fact, one part fiction, but 100% BULL!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullarky View Post
    A few of us remember when dirt was invented. These kids think the world is made of dirt, but we know the truth!.
    Yeah, if I had some nickel for every time I've heard that one, I'd be a core. hee hee

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    Welcome Zip! I'm new to the GW2 guild myself, but I have a couple of questions. Primarily, what time zone do you play in? I'm East Coast US, and my play time is usually weekday evenings from about 7-10pm EST.

    What's your favorite role in an MMO? Are you the in-your-face tanky type, the sneaky roguish type, the guy that likes to blow sh*t up, or more of a support player, keeping everyone safe and healthy?

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    So how old is dirt?

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    Greetings Ziplock!

    Glad you found us on one of the forums. I hope you've had a chance to read the other apps and check out the forum. We're like a big family here so want to make sure you'll like us as much as we'll like you. So ask questions if you have them and please check your app!


    Will it be an issue to use Vent to coordinate PvP, or instances (assuming you want to do them with the team)? We're alot of fun BTW!

    What are five travel destinations on your "Bucket List"?

    Are you looking at HFC as a future gaming home (GW2 and on) or just for GW2?
    "Watch out for Braggarts. A Lion will never have to tell you it's a Lion"

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    Hey Zip,
    Just to add my two-cent question to the list: Would you rather lose an eye, or your dominant hand? Why?

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    Welcome Zip!

    1) Favourite fantasy/sci-fi race from film, game or book?

    2) What are you looking forward to the most in GW2?

    3) If you were the head of a MMO project which 5 things would you make sure made it into the final cut of the game?

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    I guess I am looking forward to the Syvari .... I played a human guardian (up to lvl 20), a human Ranger (to Lvl 7), and a charr engineer in the last BWE and Stress Test. No clue on Batman or Tony Stark.

    I should have indicated my age as 61-70. I am an old time gamer, having started with Avalon Hill and SSI in the 80s ... so pretty much have seen the progression of the gaming industry thru life experience.

    My main timezone in Mountain USA, I am in Colorado. I am also retired, so I enjoy travel and outdoor activities. When I say travel, I mean in the good old USA ... I like our National Parks ... so my "bucket list" includes visiting as many as I can.

    My favorite MMO is the original Guild Wars, which I played from the beginning. I always seem to go back to it. I was looking for a guild to participate with in WvW and some help with PvE. That is when I came across HFC.

    Don't really like headsets much ... they hurt my ears:) No problem in listening in during Pvp using vent though. I am pretty much the quiet type, however. :)

    I am not losing either a dominant hand or an eye :)

    As for a sci-fi race that would be the Romulans in Star Trek. In GW2, I look forward to building a character for every profession and experiencing all aspects of the game. Dawnwarden, if your are referring to GW2, I love the dynamic events, the economic system, the simplicity of the way skills and traits are attached to weapons, the excellent graphic content, and having no lag.

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