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About Steelbull
I am just a mild mannered button pusher. I do tend to like monkeys and I sometimes dream about throwing hot coffee in people's crotches when they're being an ass. Ah yes, my Dark Simian Army shall go forth with hot tasty beverages and wreak havoc upon the unsuspecting masses of the world! Whoa to you who will not bow before my Primate Horde for you shall suffer a scalding that your children (if you can still have them) shall not soon forget! Platoons of Hot Tea Tossing Lemurs and a Caffeinated Cavalry of Gibbons shall soon be visiting thy humble abodes in hopes that you shall resist there seductive call to arms in order to bask in the glory of your screaming, searing loins! Lo, and the universe shall quiver! I like gaming too.
Austin, TX
Video Games, Movies, Books, sometimes Warhammer or 40k
Tee Vee
Currently Playing:
The Secret World
Steel, Brykk, Trypp, Sl'edge


100 Warrior Steelbull
91 Mage Ignezzio
58 Rogue Stealbull
Monk Grumtaror

Ham'mer Legacy
55 Sith Assassin Ston'e
55 Pub Vanguard Brykk

55 Imp Operative Trypp

55 Sith Warrior Stee'l
40 Pub Smuggler Balpi'in
38 Pub GuardianSl'edge
Alan "Steelbull" Lomax
Nightmare Ready

60 Warrior Steelbull
46 Mage Butterkreme
43 Rogue Remy
26 Cleric Ganache


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Mr. Steelbull's Wild Ride

by Steelbull on 09-30-2013 at 09:20 PM
I totally stole this blogs title from a book a read as a child, totally.

I've been in the Hammerfist Clan Gaming community for well over a year now, and I'm still going strong! Meeting many new people has been great, seeing friends and teammates move on... not so much, but that's life. I keep myself busy (and stretched thin sometimes) across many games these days. I even have max level characters in 2 of the games I regularly play! I've recruited the aid of Darth Vaderstein to help

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Being the newish guy.

by Steelbull on 08-12-2012 at 02:47 PM

I've only just joined the Hammerfist Clan recently, well almost a month and a half ago, but I really like it here.
It's kinda funny that I found them while looking for a guild on my new server in SW:TOR, but now I don't even play that anymore. My how things can change in such a relatively short time. Since I first started lurking on the forums, I've started playing 3 games I never knew much about before. Alright, alright technically GW2 isn't out just yet, but still. There are a great

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I try to paint them all if I'll be playing, each with it's own personality... been way slacking lately and not even playing either.
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