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Over the past years I've been asked on occasion how the Hammerfist Clan came to be. At the time, I guess I couldn't really completely answer the question as I didn't fully understand my own reasons well enough to put them into words. For those of you who've asked or have been curious the following may suffice as a better attempt at revealing HFC and its origin.


"In a virtual world, I found real-world inspiration and comfort."

The Hammerfist Gaming Community was born from a need and desire to communicate with others I could better relate to. I knew from the beginning I wanted to be selective in the members taken in; people who understood things like bills, jobs, mortgages, family commitments and the like; more importantly at the time, people who could appreciate what flat-broke, out of a job and a family to take care of meant. Times were hard and when temptation was at its highest level, gaming became my drug of choice.


"Through gaming I was able to escape my grim reality."


Many have said gaming is an addiction. I won't try to dispute that; I will also add that it's the best addiction I've ever had. It didn't take me long to realize that facing my worst fears in a game while squaring off with the Boss of Dooooom, wielding his over sized Blade of Noob Execution was minuscule in comparison to what awaited me back in the real world. I soon learned how to rob reality of its hold on me and take back a few hours from my life each day that I had been losing to depression, stress, and anxiety. Life had cheated me, and I was taking back happiness one level at a time.

"Shared interests and a sense of community defeated loneliness, conquered depression, and spawned greatness."


Escaping my own reality for a few moments of peace and contentment, I knew I wasn't alone in the world. I wasn't the only one facing down demons of the real world kind. There were others like myself searching for a way to battle and overcome those real world demons and defeat their own anxiety and uncertainties, if only for a moment. Uniting others with similar interests and experiences became my primary directive, and ultimately one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.


"Inspiration followed by perspiration and a generous dose of dedication is the recipe for prosperity pie."


The success of HFC and its community here has far exceeded even my grandest of expectations. What once was a humble clan of 20 lost souls coming together for common reasons has today grown into a popular destination for many mature gamers. Reaching far beyond its birthplace in the Southwestern United States, HFC now proudly calls itself home to mature gamers from all over the world, in many different countries and regions.

I still carry the very same goals and values with me as I did when HFC was founded 2001 and popularized within a multiplayer game called Neverwinter Nights in 2002. However, something that has changed in this remarkable community since its creation is "I" to "we".

Shortly after its creation, words like "I" soon became "we"; and "me" to "us", "my" to "our". It's with great pride I can say today it has grown far beyond the simple scope of any one person. No longer is it just my values and ideals, it's now a representation of the ideals and values of the entire community. It's our exceptional members and the community as a whole that drives the beast forward ever expanding ever evolving.


"Listening to others became an important part of my diet; digesting feedback from the community I was able to stave off hunger."


Today, what you see before you is the result of many; a collection of suggestions from our members belonging to this gathering of necessity, thrown into the forge where ideas and values converge to create the foundation for which we continue to build.


"A cultural melting pot, the Hammerfist Gaming Community transcended the borders set forth by nations and boundaries defined by games and delivered real-world friendships and bonds."

Many things have changed here at HFC since its infancy. Cosmetics, framework, features and functionality have improved significantly over the years. Whether it be monetary contributions, simple suggestions, or a single forum post, every member here has in some way added to our existence and helped us become what we have today. It's with great honor I serve the outstanding people of this community and wish for its continued success well into many years of gaming, growth and friendships. 


Community Manager - HFC


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